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Enchanted Lust ch71

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Help us create more sweet stories, while enjoying exclusive content. Join today! He suggested as he nodded at her pussy, "Don't be afraid. Touch it. I wanna see you play with it."

"Well, okay... But really, I feel a little guilty. Narcissa says that it's no sin for women to masturbate, but deep down it feels wrong. I'm so used to thinking it was a sin, you know? In the Book of John, it was said that-"Before she could get started quoting scripture, Harry interrupted, "Mom, you're not really masturbating, don't think of it that way. You're providing visual stimulation. This is all part of helping me. Things like watching you play with your pussy or shake your rack; it all helps keep me hard so I can have my orgasms six times a day, just like the doctor ordered."

The idea that Harry needed help to stay erect while his naked centerfold-quality mother was jacking him off was absurd, but again it was the fig-leaf Lily needed for her own peace of mind. "Well, if you think it helps..." She began fingering her pussy lips with one hand while continuing to stroke him with the other.

Within seconds of touching herself, she began writhing around as if she was about to climax. "Goodness gracious, that's GOOD! Mmmm! MMMM! Oh dear, I'm such a naughty mommy!"

Harry pointed out, "You know what? I think we're done talking here for a while, don't you? And if your mouth isn't busy..."

"Gosh! Where are my manners?" She giggled and winked at him. "Look at all that tragically neglected cock." She bent over and took his erection in her mouth. Her hand continued to stroke the base of it too.

Harry laughed. "Where are my manners" was a very rare joke from Lily; since she just wasn't the joking type. He realized that her comments boded very well for the future. Wow! All of a sudden my mom seems to think that it's a problem if my cock is NOT getting sucked! And she'd never even done it before, up to an hour ago. Talk about an improved attitude. This is just too much for me to take!

Harry grabbed her by her long red hair and pulled her head away.

"What?" she asked, a bit irritated. Clearly, she resented being interrupted from her happy sucking.

"Whoa. Hold on. It's just that everything you do is so arousing that I feel like cumming already and I want this to last. Can we rest a minute?"

"Oh, poo." But reflecting on his compliment, she grinned. "Really? Am I that arousing?"

"Mom, you don't have any idea, do you? Just because you hang out with Narcissa all day you probably think you're not sexy 'cos you compare yourself to her. Maybe the old you wasn't that sexy since you went out of your way to bundle up and put on a frumpy attitude to boot. But the new you is right there with Narcissa, completely off the sexy scale."

"Oh, poo! You get me so excited with talk like that and then you said I can't suck any cock. How 'bout now?"

Harry laughed. "No."

She waited about ten seconds, and then asked, "How 'bout now?"

Harry laughed harder. "God, Mom, you sound just like I did as a kid when we'd go on a family trip. 'Are we there yet? Are we there yet?'"

"Perhaps," she replied inscrutibly. Then after waiting a few heartbeats, she asked even more eagerly, "How 'bout now?"

Harry laughed still more. But he still needed to stall for time so he wouldn't cum on the spot. He asked, "So, Mom, I take it you like cocksucking. What do you like about it so much?"

"Oh my! Where to begin? At first, jacking you off seemed strange and I didn't know what to think. But then when you sprayed your hot seed all over my face, I was sold. It just made me feel, well, it's hard to explain. But happy to make you so happy, for one. And Narcissa's right: there's some kind of special connection that happens. Seeing your cum all over me, I feel like I belong to you. It's almost like... Well, I guess the only way to describe it is that I belong to you. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that you're in charge and that you're going to take care of me. I've never felt like that before."

'What about Father?"

"Ugh! I said don't remind me. It only makes me feel guilty. I so want to be a good wife, a loyal wife, but your cock... I can't resist it! You know, like, next time James comes home if for some bizarre reason he'd actually get the urge to fondle my breasts, I'd be able to suffer through it because I'd think, 'Oh, hubby, you like those breasts, do you? The ones that your son has spilled gallons of his cum all over in the months since you've been gone?' It's like you're marking me as yours. I can't explain it any better than that. I suppose James can touch me since I'm his wife, but I belong to you now."

"Wow, Mom. That's pretty intense."

"I know, but I'm feeling pretty intense right now. And that's not even counting eating up your cum. My goodness! I'm addicted! All I can think about as we're talking here is how good it'll feel to have another hot load of your cum shoot down my throat."

"Jesus! Well, if you put it that way, let's get to it. I'm certainly not getting much of an arousal rest with you talking like that."

She smiled bashfully as she bent down to take his erection between her lips. "Sorry."

For whatever reason, she'd had enough of playing with her pussy at the moment and devoted all her energies to the cocksucking. Her sexual skills were improving by the minute. Both were also feeling much more relaxed about the whole thing, which helped their stamina.

This time, her tongue happened to focus a lot on the underside of his penis. She again worked on the "sweet spot" just below the penis head there that Narcissa had told her about, and she really went at it.

Within seconds, Harry was shouting, "No, Mom! Stop! Too good!"

She paused, chuckling. "So you like that, baby?"

"Oh Mom! Please don't, or I'm gonna cum too soon!"

But she was feeling delightfully naughty and went right back to that spot, except she was slower and gentler.

"Mom! Oh Mom! You're such a good cocksucker! Such a natural! No, I'm gonna blow!"

Seeing he was about to blow, she backed off from that spot for a while. She was giddy with the compliments and the feeling of power she got controlling his ecstasy. A natural, eh? The thing is, this DOES come so naturally to me. Mommy likes to suck Griffin cock! Heh-heh-heh!

They continued for a few more excruciatingly joyous minutes, but because Harry didn't get much of a break he started cumming before he really wanted to. Nonetheless, it was a great experience for the both of them.

As Lily felt the hot ropes of cum splash on her tonsils, she thought, YES! This is what I'm talking about! It's so wrong, but that's part of what makes it feel so right! Mmmm! So good! I'm gonna feel dreadfully guilty about this tomorrow I'm sure, but save that for tomorrow. I love it now!

Harry really let himself go, groaning so much that it was more like screaming. He was in heaven.

Lily loved hearing his enjoyment. It literally doubled her pleasure. She was a very giving person, especially when it came to her children. When he felt good, she felt good.

After they were done, neither had the strength for another go round. They were still exhausted from all the times before.

As Lily lay on Harry's bed next to him, still proudly naked, she said, "You see? That's more like it. Instead of getting carried away, we had a nice little cocksucking. You behaved like a perfect gentleman and didn't try to touch me in any inappropriate places. We didn't even make a mess, because I took it all in my mouth."

She sat up and began putting her T-shirt on over her head. "I should be honest, in case it isn't blatantly obvious already - I want to help you much more than just once a week. Much more. Abnormality checks are all well and good, but you need a lot more help than that, with your daily six times needs. Any time you want that again, come to Narcissa or me with your tasty, cum-filled cock. Especially me." She giggled.

Harry thought, Weird. Another funny from her. Does she turn into a comedian only when she gets aroused?

Lily continued as she took a very long time putting her shirt on, "I'm sure there's enough of you to go around. We're your personal twenty-four hours a day cocksuckers now. Do you like that? Do you like the idea of having your own busty cocksuckers at your beck and call, even if one of them is your mother?"

"Mom, you're going to get me all horny again!" God DAMN! I'm already starting to regret my promise not to take her and give her a good fucking. And look at that cum dribble on her chin. I think she likes to keep it there. Weird.

"Oh no!" she said in mock fear. "Then I'll just have to please you again. You're going to make me suck your cock." She spat out the word "cock" in a really nasty and sexy way that Harry didn't even imagine she was capable of. "But I think I should go call nurse Tonks and tell her that your penis abnormality check has gone well."

"Although..." she ran her fingers through his hair. "I'm not completely sure. We didn't really finish that check, now that I think about it. Maybe we need to do some more checking tonight. I think the only way to definitely be sure it doesn't have an irregular shape is to repeatedly test its size with my mouth every few hours."

His penis started to grow hard again in reaction to her eagerness.

She began fingering his penis as she watched it grow. Her shirt was still more off than on.

"MooooOOOOoooom! You've going to give me a case of the blue balls. Things are really sensitive there. Painful, even."

"Oh, poo," she pouted. She let go of it. Then, brightening up, she said, "Take another rest. When you're ready again, come and find me, okay? Tomorrow can be Narcissa's day, but today we're all alone, so this is our day. It's a good time for you to take advantage of your mommy and her cock-hungry mouth. She's so hungry for it! It's a good thing they'll be gone for a while, don't you think? To think that I thought this would just take a short time - shows what I know." She got up and put the thin pretense of a T-shirt back on yet again. It just barely came down low enough to cover the bottom of her pussy.

She wiggled her butt a little, which also was only half covered by the nearly see-through T- shirt. "I really enjoyed what you did to my butt yesterday by the pool." Then she swished her ass out of the room and went to take another shower.

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