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Enchanted Lust ch.73

Chapters 74, 75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99, 100, 101,102,103,104,105,106 and 107 are already on Patreon

If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit She laughed gaily, not upset at all. If anything, she was upset he took his hands off her butt.

Since the pretence that Harry wasn't there had been broken, Lily craned her head around to look him in the eye. "Tiger," she said softly, "I said some things earlier that, well, let's just say I got kind of carried away. I believe I said something about, um..." She turned away again, this time out of embarrassment. "I said something about how James can touch me, but I really belong to you. Something to that effect, anyway. And something about being at your beck and call to suck your, uh, erection, twenty-four hours a day."

She paused, collecting her thoughts, then went on. "I'm sure you realize that people say things when they're aroused that they don't necessarily mean. Obviously, I'm still James's wife, not YOUR wife; it's just that you have certain unusual medical needs that I have to take care of. I mean, the very idea of your own mother marrying you, well, obviously... that's absurd."

She was trying to sound stern and motherly, but when she talked about being her son's wife, it got her so excited that she practically swooned and had to struggle to go on. After another long pause while she composed herself, she asked, "You understand?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Good. Well, since that's taken care of, I've noticed that a certain ghost around here keeps having trouble fondling my ass due my long dress that keeps falling over it. And how can I know when my, er, member-sucking abilities are needed, if he can't get my attention by fondling my ass? So, since he'd been such a good boy who understands the boundaries, I'm going to make it a little easier on him."

She undid her dress and let it fall to the floor. Then she stepped away from it, leaving her completely naked from the waist down.

Harry was in awe, both at her attitude and at her firm and athletic legs and ass. There wasn't the slightest hint of flab to be seen. Getting back into their role-play of sorts, he registered his complete approval with a ghost-like "WoooOOOooooo," but at the end he turned it into a wolf whistle, "Woot-hoo!"

Lily laughed. "Why are you- I mean, why are the ghosts around here, so completely adorable? Well, are you just going to stand there? There's some ass here that needs some serious fondling!"

Now it was Harry's turn to laugh as he happily accepted her invitation. Even though he'd been fondling her ass a minute or two earlier, it was twice as good now that he could clearly see it as well as feel it. He firmly cupped an ass check and just held onto it for some moments. God, Mom's just totally letting me have my way with her ass. This rocks! Can the day get any better?

He brought his other hand up and began strongly kneading her ass cheeks.

Lily loved it. She fell forward and mashed her chest down onto the kitchen counter. She was so close to an intense orgasm just from what his hands were doing that she could practically taste it. My husband has cupped and fondled my ass more times than I can count. But this is different. Harry's hands are so confident! He's not just holding it, he's taking possession of it! I swear, any time at all when he touches me, it gets me so darn HOT! Come on, Son, own your mommy's ass. OWN it!

Harry, too, was feeling increasingly overwhelmed and overjoyed. He was trying not to talk, but he couldn't help but say, "You know, as the house ghost, I hear a lot of things around here. I keep hearing your handsome son say how much he loves you. He thinks you're really beautiful too. And you're just about the kindest, best mom any kid could ever have."

Lily was so blown away by those words that she was struck speechless. James was never very giving with compliments, and neither were her parents, but Harry's words were obviously heartfelt. She wanted to completely merge souls with him, but since she couldn't do that, she absolutely had to do the most intimate thing she allowed herself to do with him.

She stood up and spun around. She stared at him fiercely and said in a mock scold, "Tiger, drop those shorts right now. This very instant! Your mommy has some serious cocksucking to do!"

Harry's erection had been painfully constrained in shorts and underwear. He let out a great sigh of relief as he dropped them both, leaving him wearing nothing but a white Spinal Tap T-shirt.

She dropped to her knees. "Oh my, what do we have here?" she cried with a high voice like a delighted little girl. "It looks and feels like an extremely hard erection. But we know that can't be, since I'm all alone. Since this is the kitchen, it must be a Popsicle. I like Popsicles. They remind me of cocks! I think I'll give this Popsicle a good suck!"

She began slowly, gently, sucking his staff.

Harry, again, was in total ecstasy. He could never have imagined that a human being could ever feel so good.

Lily thought as she joyfully sucked, What's gotten into me? Here I am, half naked and on my knees in my own kitchen, and my son's big dick is tickling my tonsils! That's just so wrong! Mmmm! And he's standing there like some kind of lord while I'm on my knees like I'm his personal cocksucking slave! Mmmm mmmm. MMMM! So yummy! Good God, that turns me on so much, that he's standing with his thick COCK shoved half way down my throat and I'm helpless here on my knees! It's so wrong, but so right! I wanna do everything for him, everything! Mmmm!

All those things Narcissa has been talking about lately, I wanna do them with him all at once, this very minute! She had been repeatedly taking his shaft as far as it could go in her mouth, which was only about half way, but suddenly she pulled it away altogether and moved her mouth lower. She began licking his balls, and then started gently tugging and sucking on them.

She could tell Harry loved it from the way he was moaning. But she paused to explain, "Narcissa has been talking to me about this. I've never done it with your father and I really want to try it out. Is that okay? Goodness, just listen to me. I'm sucking my son's balls and I won't even do it with my husband. You must think your mother is some kind of shameless slut!"

Harry's only answer to that was a loud groan of pure desire.

She dove back in, fitting all of one of his testicles in her mouth. Meanwhile, she always had at least one hand flying up and down his slick shaft at all times.

Harry, again, was in total ecstasy. He could never have imagined that a human being could ever feel so good. It was a near miracle he hadn't cum already, and that was only because he'd climaxed so many times in recent hours that his penis had unusual staying power. But there was only so much stimulation he could take, and the way Lily was fervently attacking his balls and erection with her lips, tongue, and both hands, not to mention an endless stream of happy "Mmmm" sounds, was irresistible.

His cries and groans grew louder and louder until he realized that he was cumming. He found himself venting a full throated roar as his ropes of cum nailed the back of his mother's throat yet again.

Lily sucked and sucked and sucked. She strived with every fiber of her being to show how much she loved him and give him to best climax he'd ever had. She took in nearly all his cum, not stopping her rapid vacuuming even when his legs gave way and he slowly crumpled to the floor. She had a roaring climax of her own in the middle of his, and that didn't stop her sucking in the slightest either. The little cum that landed on her face instead of going straight down her gullet she eagerly gobbled up.

Then she licked his penis completely clean. Once she was done with that, she still didn't want the fun to end despite the fact Harry was sprawled out on the floor and nearly comatose while recovering from such a great orgasm. She gently kisses his flaccid and balls all over, whispering "Love you," and sometimes "Mommy loves you," between each kiss.

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