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Enchanted Lust ch.70

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Help us create more sweet stories, while enjoying exclusive content. Join today! ­čŹş When Harry awoke, he remembered what had just transpired between him and his mother in an instant. His penis sprang instantaneously, and he was seized with intense horniness. He felt compelled to share another climax with Lily right away. He began caressing his penis behind his bedsheets.

He heard a sweet feminine voice say "Griffin," and he assumed it was his own imagination, a hallucination of his mother calling for him while he fucked her. But then he heard it again and realized it was coming from within his room. In amazement and horror, he opened his eyes, let go of his developing erection like it was a hot stove, and glanced around.

His mother was seated in a chair directly next to his bed. She was gently smiling at him. She'd obviously taken a shower since she was clean and smelt good, this time with a slight peach aroma. She was dressed in an enormous T-shirt that was basically only a thin pretense for her to be dressed at all. Except for a pair of underwear, she wore nothing below the waist.

Through the white shirt, Harry could see her black and firm nipples. When he saw how hot she was, his dread turned to lust.

"Griffin," she joked, "you did say you needed help as soon as you woke up."

As he attempted to wake up, his thoughts went blank. Though his penis was already erect, it had stiffened to the point of creating a massive lump in his bed clothes.

Lily looked down at the bulge, then up at his face. "Griffin," she said, more solemnly, "were you serious about maintaining self-control?" "Did you mean it when you said you'd keep your promise?"

"Of course, Mother. I wouldn't say that unless I meant it."

"So, why were you doing that to yourself?" "Are you going to throw your seed on the ground?"

"I keep hearing that phrase," Harry inquired. The words seem very formal, like if they were from the Bible or something. "What exactly do they mean?"

"They DO come from the Bible. Narcissa didn't warn you? That is Onan's narrative. He spilled his seed, and God was so enraged that he smote him down with a lightning bolt. To prevent sinning, you should always strive to come on a woman's skin. What we were doing previously was, in some ways, blessed by the Lord."

Harry simply nodded, but he thought to himself, "That's not in any Bible I've ever read!" But, well, if it works for Mom, I'm not going to tell her otherwise. Maybe it's in one of the dull chapters of the Old Testament that I never read.

She laughed. "Don't you think it would be better if I helped you out instead of having you do it yourself?" She yanked aside his blankets, allowing his erection to leap straight up into the air.

Harry, too, grinned. "I would appreciate it so much, Mom, if you did it for me."

She yanked her T-shirt off her head, causing her knockers to jiggle. She knelt at his bed's edge. "Scoot over," she said. "I think I need to practice my blowjobs more." It is critical to practice. We might have to do this every day from now on."

"Um, I'd absolutely love that," he said, "but you can't possibly want to touch me." "You just showered, but I'm filthy and sweaty."

"Nonsense. That only makes you smell manlier. Today, in fact, this afternoon, I discovered what a MAN you are, and I adore it."

With such enthusiasm, Harry couldn't argue. He shifted his weight to the edge of the bed.

She grabbed his penis in her fingers and softly massaged it. She then pressed it against the side of her face, caressing it between her fingers and her cheek.

"I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful son with such a beautiful penis." Narcissa is completely correct. Making a REAL penis pleased is so much joy."

"Are you implying that your father doesn't have a real penis?" Harry inquired.

She frowned. "Please, please. Don't bring him up because it will destroy my mood. Let's simply assume you're a genuine guy, and real men know how to please a woman with their penis. Actually, I should refer to it as a cock. That sounds really terrible. What a hulking cock! And your cumin is delicious! Mmmm! It's your SPERM! That sounds awful. "Don't you think your energy problem is the best thing that has ever happened in the Potter household?"

"Mmmm-hmm," he said languidly. "And I'm fortunate to have the hottest, sexiest, bustiest, most beautiful mother in England." Probably the entire globe! And I'm extremely grateful that we've found a way to achieve this without going too far."

"You are that. But, Son, what about Narcissa? Don't you think she's gorgeous as well? I believe she is. Isn't she equally helpful? I get hot just thinking about her sucking your wonderful cock, which I've been doing a lot recently. I see her naked body on her knees between your legs, her enormous tits dropping down and swinging as she sucks you off. Have you sprayed her face and chest with your come yet?" "Well, 'hosed down' may be an exaggeration, but I've done that."

"Oh God! So hot! I hope I could see her massive breasts coated in your powerful sperm. It's nearly as wonderful as if I did it myself."

"So you find her large breasts arousing?" Harry inquired.

Lily thought about it before responding. "Not quite. It makes me so pleased to know that someone is sucking your cock. And because I know you're a breast guy, it makes me extra glad to know that someone so endowed, skilled, and all around attractive is assisting you. My son is the finest, and he deserves nothing less."

She'd been softly massaging his erection, but now she was forcefully rubbing it. "I'm assisting you with this. Mmmm. My huge son's favorite cock. "I think it needs to be sucked and stroked a lot for your treatment," she added, suddenly remembering there was a medical reason for all of this, "and I can't always be there for you." Maybe I could watch her do it and take up some pointers? I want to do the best I can now that you've started me cock stroking and cocksucking."

"Yes!" Having his mother enthusiastically support Narcissa's assistance drove him on even more. "I have the assistance of two of the most amazing mothers in the world!"

"Griffin, I'd love to hear you say more nice things, but I'd rather be sucking your cock again." So please, God, assist me." She slurped as she curled her mouth around his rigidity.

His spine arched backwards, and his mind raced. She's got such a gorgeous and filthy mouth! And what she DOES with her mouth. Oh my god, look at what she's doing with her tongue right now. Yow! Who is this vixen, and what did she do to my strict mother? Seriously. Today has been really wild!

She quickly came to a halt just as Harry was experiencing an erotic high. "Since you promise to be so good, do you mind if I...?" she inquired, sitting back up. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'd like to... put my hands down there. You know, at my most private location." She didn't want to ask him that, but she had no choice. (She had done it before, but she didn't believe he had noticed.)

"Well, Mom," Harry replied, "I think it's a given that I'm going to shoot my cum all over your beautiful body."

"Yes. And?" She'd continued jacking him because she needed to talk until the conversation was ended.

"Well, we were lucky before, and none of my cum got on your panties, but I think you should take them off just to be safe, don't you?"

She offered him a wicked grin. "What a brilliant concept. "You never know where your sperm gun is going to shoot me next." The fear of him getting her pants wet was ridiculous because they were already soaking from her own secretions, even though she'd put on a new pair while he slept. But she enjoyed making up reasons. She yanked her pantyhose down her legs and tossed them across the room. She kept rubbing his erection the entire time.

She became alarmed when she noticed his bugged-out eyes looking at her bush. "Are you thinking of you-know-what because your big busty mommy is naked and jacking your hard cock?"

"I promise I'll be good," he said, "and you know I keep my promises." But I can't look. You seem really hot down there."

"Nonsense. It's a tangled mess. You're not going to look there." Even as she stated this, she was giggling and spreading her legs further to give him a better view.

Harry noted that her pussy and bush were remarkably identical to Narcissa's. Narcissa's clitus was somewhat larger and her lips were little pinker, but that was about it. Both shrubs were large and lush, yet they were well maintained. Dammit, I just know I'm going to find out about that secret location one day. I'm sure of it.

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