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Enchanted Lust ch.55

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Next it was Rose's turn. To Harry's simultaneous delight and dismay, she seemed extremely eager for him to get started on her. She looked ready to burst.

All throughout the lotion application on his mother, Rose had fidgeted about, kicking her legs restlessly. Sometimes she even ran her hands over the parts of her body which mirrored Harry's caresses on their mother as she fantasized her brother touching her that way, and more. She already was in an orgasmic nirvana before Harry even touched her.

Harry continued to be amazed at how dramatically she'd changed from the girl she had been a couple of weeks before. That girl would have never imagined going topless, much less bottomless, and the idea of a man then applying lotion to her naked skin probably would have caused her to faint with dismay. Yet here she was, her nonverbal communication practically begging him to run his hands all over her. Verbally, she remained silent.

Harry didn't realize how much her earlier ways were a pose, designed to warn off unwanted attention and also keep her mother happy. She may have looked the part of a prude, but she didn't hold those values in the same way her mother did.

He wondered to himself, Does she think this is all some kind of game, like tickling when we were younger? This is so much more serious than that. It's tempting, but I'm not going to do anything a brother shouldn't do when applying lotion on his sister. In fact, because she may be willing I'm going to have to be even more careful for the two of us. This is no time to get something going, not with Mom sitting a few feet away!

With his mother, Harry had sat behind her to apply the oil and started with her back. But now with Rose he sat next to the lawn chair and started with her feet. He wanted to get used to touching her before getting to the "good stuff."

He discovered that he really enjoyed the feel of her skin, which was covered with a youthful peachy fuzz. Also, even though Lily was extremely fit from working out daily with Narcissa, Rose was even firmer and fitter. She had a tight and hard but not overly muscular body. He found himself running his hands all over her, just for the feel.

She didn't mind, even though it didn't have much to do with applying lotion or even massaging. Just like Lily, she started purring and lightly moaning.

He also took the time to appreciate her lovely smell. With Lily he'd been so nervous that he barely noticed her smell at all.

Soon after he started applying the lotion, she spread her legs a bit, allowing him to stare up at her pussy as he worked his way up her legs. As he moved his hands higher and higher up her thighs, she didn't say a word or even make a noise to discourage him.

He wondered just how far he could probe. He found his excitement rising even higher as he contemplated touching her pussy. Dang! What if I just finger fuck her right here, with Mom and Narcissa lying right there? Would Sis want me to do that? She totally would, I can tell. Her groans are getting so loud and sexy as I near her pussy that I'm gonna cum any minute for sure.

But in the end he backed down. If for no other reason, it was just too risky. Not only was Lily bound to notice, but Rose might slap him for being too presumptuous. He resolved not to do anything a brother or professional masseuse wouldn't normally do.

After he finished most of Rose', Narcissa made another "helpful" suggestion. "Sweetie, looks like you have the magic hands. I can hardly wait until you come over here. You should straddle her legs for easier access." Her words had deliberate double meaning. She even had a long pause after coming, implying that she meant "cum, over here."

He sat on top of his sister's legs to do her ass and back. It occurred to him that his erection, still frantically trying to fight its way through the fabric of his swimsuit, was now mere inches from his sister's naked pussy. That thought didn't help cool him down at all.

It also didn't help that, while his mother had limited herself to moaning, Rose started to murmur some words that only he could hear. She said things like, "Mmmm!... Good!... That feels so good! Mmmm.... Do me there. Yes! Do me there! ... More." He at least felt relieved that he was wearing conservative bathing trunks which were really more like regular shorts. He was embarrassed enough as it was, and could do little to relieve his raging boner.

He gave her ass a very thorough working over, but again avoided all but the fleshy c

heeks. It wasn't that he didn't want to explore her ass crack, but she was getting so into it and getting so vocal that he worried what she might say or do. He imagine Lily rousing herself as Rose shouted something like, "Oh yeah! Plunge your fingers in my hot box! Go for it!"

He also felt self-conscious because he knew Narcissa was very much awake and very definitely watching every move he made from behind her dark sunglasses.

Also, he was getting too close to cumming himself and felt like he had to pace himself. He tried hard not to look at her pussy so much, but couldn't help staring at it sometimes.

But impulsively, just as he was about to finish with her butt, he grabbed a butt cheek with each hand and dug his fingers as far into them as he could.

Suddenly she opened her legs much wider than before.

He found himself staring at her asshole and much of her pussy.

But as he moved his hands in towards her ass crack, she cried out, "Oh, yes! Like that!"

He looked over to Lily fright to see if that had woken her, just as he had feared. But she was either still asleep or in a happy daze. Spooked by the close call, he pulled his fingers out of her flesh.

"Noooo...." she moaned petulantly.

Harry knew he should stop. Rose's voice was getting too loud, too obviously sexual. It was too dangerous. But he was so aroused that he kept going. He planted his fingers back into her ass cheeks and started probing her ass crack with a stray finger or two.

"More like that!" she said loudly. "More in the butt! So good!"

He started working his fingers like a baker working raw dough.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Like that, Big Brother! Mmm, yeah! Deeper in the butt!"

Harry looked over at Narcissa and saw her giggling behind her sunglasses. She was amused at Harry's distress at wanting to go further but knowing he should stop.

He had a sudden attack of guilt, mostly brought on by Rose's use of the word "brother." I AM her brother. Her older brother. What am I doing? I'm taking advantage. She probably doesn't even know what she wants and I'm practically molesting her. He got up wordlessly and backed away, almost as if in horror over what he'd done.

He's completely misread her. She griped in a pouty voice and she felt his body lift, "Is that all?" Seeing that he was really done, she turned her body so she was lying more on her side than her front and said, "Thanks, Bro. I really enjoyed that." She was flashing him with her pussy and tits as seductively as she could, running her hands over her body like she was tingling all over from his touch.

Harry smiled weakly. Dang! But she still IS my sister? Shouldn't I be trying to stop things? God, I don't know anything anymore. I just know I have to cum so bad!

He was deeply conflicted. The very taboo of the touching intensified his erotic urges. His sister's moans and cries, her willing and open legs, the feel of clenching her ass cheeks, the thought of her grabbing his erection in the water earlier - it was all too much for him to take. Dammit, fuck it! Maybe I should just throw all caution to the wind, pull out my dick fucking his sister right here! Fuck it! I'm so close to just losing my mind! If only Lily and Narcissa weren't here.

With that thought, he was reminded that he still had to do Narcissa next.

He looked over her. Her legs were closed with one over the other, but her tits were exposed for him to see. That made him all the more excited, and he was ready to all but attack Narcissa. If not her, then somebody, anybody. I can't take it any more! I have to cum or die!

He spoke up. "Um, Aunt Cissy? I was just thinking. It seems like we're running low on wine. Why don't I go inside and get some drinks? And some snacks too?"

She knew what he really wanted to do - go inside and masturbate. She stood up in all her naked glory. "Oh no you don't! I know what you're planning on doing in there. Don't worry, though. Trust your Aunt Cissy."

She started forward and he thought she was coming at him, but she walked right past him.

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