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Cupid ch.3

Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are already on Patreon

If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit A massive ball of heat exploded inside her, sending waves of pleasure pulsing through her body, starting at her clit. Mrs. Malfoy screamed and thrust her hips forward. Harry's sudden, intense pressure on her still-pinching but now rubbing crotch pushed her over the edge. For the first time in years, female ejaculates squirted out, soaking the young man. She immediately remembered doing it to her husband when they first got together. He hated it and went to wash his face. Mrs. Malfoy's anxiety reached its peak as she opened her eyes to search for a towel.

She was surprised when Harry's mouth moved down until his lips touched her clit.

He was the most turned on he had ever been. All of those strange impulses and sensations that had run through his body, Harry simply couldn't resist. When she squirted, her scent filled him completely and he just had to try it. Releasing her labia from the gentle massage, he leaned in and took her clit gently into his mouth. The sensation made her jump, but it turned into a squeal as he lightly sucked it. He didn't want to overly stimulate her and kept a delicate confidence. Her legs trembled violently as if she wanted to lock them over his head. Harry decided to lean on them, using his forearms to make sure he had support. Mrs. Malfoy lay with her mouth open as Harry pinned her legs. Even if she wanted to close them, she didn't have the strength to lift them onto the table when Harry pinned her down. Wriggling and arching her back, she cried quietly as his tongue gently began to reach her folds. She had always been sensitive and loved oral sex, but this was something different. As she started to tremble in the second orgasm, she screamed out as the sensation disappeared, leaving her pussy suddenly cold and empty. She opened her eyes, grabbed him above his head, and nodded her head.

Harry felt a voice in the back of his head. Sure, he still had control, but his desire took over. This beautiful, refined, older woman was a desperate one for him. He didn't know where he knew it from, he just knew. Staring into her contemplative eyes, Harry pressed his lips to hers and pushed his cock into her at the same time. Mrs. Malfoy moaned softly into his mouth. She savored the taste of herself on his lips, just as she savored the feeling of his cock stretching her more than her husband ever had. His weight on her pelvis forced her legs to remain open, and she desperately wanted to be tied up like in her fantasy. Her core tensed again, and she shook, feeling her second orgasm building.

"In me," she begged softly. "Please, inside me. I want to feel you leaking out of me for days."

Harry's lizard brain was in full control. Kissing her fiercely, Mrs. Malfoy clung to him as he thrust into her with all his might. As the muscles of her pussy began to rhythmically pulsate around his cock, Harry buried himself in her all the way and filled her up. The pulsing, aching feeling of her pussy muscles made him groan with pleasure long after his thick seed had finished shooting out. And he remained staring at the shining, tearful eyes of a woman old enough to be his mother.

"I'm sorry," Harry said, seeing the look on her face. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

Her expression twisted and broke as she burst out laughing. "Hurt me?" She chuckled. "Oh Harry, it was fantastic!"

For a moment, he grinned sheepishly before she kissed him hard. She pulled away and pushed his head down to lie on her chest as she caught her breath.

"Hey, ummm... Probably a bad time to ask, but..."

"Hysterectomy," she said, a little bitterly. "After my husband got a heir from me, he convinced me to get snipped. Now he's grown up and my husband is sleeping with his secretary... I feel cheated."

"Would..." Harry furrowed his brow.

"Don't even think about it, buster," Ms. Malfoy bopped him on the nose. "The idea of an attractive man putting his hands on me paid my fee. It's the fact that you put your hands on me that will make me come back someday. But... what you just did to me... if you were ten years older..."

Harry muttered and shifted slightly to get comfortable. The feeling of her pussy around his cock, and her little gasp, told him he was still hard, and still capable of continuing.

"You're still inside me," she said softly.

"Ummm," Harry mumbled.

"I need to be somewhere at three. So if you can shower me before two, I'm yours until you can't lift it anymore."

Harry sat up, kissed her, and withdrew.

"It would be my pleasure, Mrs. Malfoy."

"Call me Cissy," she smiled. "Actually, I want you to scream."

The smell of Cissy's skin was still on Harry's mind as he walked back into his office. Harry had never felt this way before. Not in the "crazy in love with an older woman he barely knew" kind of way. But in the "I'm so physically aroused that I'll fuck you for two hours until we both lose count of how many orgasms we've had, and yet, at this moment, I could do it all over again." It even continued in the shower. Cissy's legs shook by the end, and she giggled as Harry helped scrub her down. Before giving in to their desire, as he pinned her against the shower wall one last time. Finally, Cissy shyly checked the reception area, gave him a lingering finger-sucking kiss, and promised to be back soon. And with a rather stunned expression, Harry froze at the sight of Baal, giving him a shit-eating grin from the chair where they finished. "Having fun?"

Harry nervously swallowed. "Ms-Malfoy is to be refunded for her visit due to the situation not being what she paid for. However, she will be in touch regarding her next booking."

Baal grinned even wider, "Is that all?". Harry tried to hold back the blush he felt forming and kept his voice steady. "If we have an automatic VIP list, I want to add her to it."

"Oh, you're much easier to deal with than your dear uncle," Baal let out a big breath.

Harry furrowed his brows, "What do you mean? My uncle built this place."

Baal's smile faltered, "Yes, I'm sorry. There's a bit more to it. But we didn't have time to explain the situation."

Harry nodded and took his seat behind the desk. "Well, we have some time now, right?"

"We should," Baal smiled. "By the way, I placed the Weasleys in an apartment for the night. You should join them for dinner, and I've asked a few girls to come by tomorrow to give them a morning relax."

"Speaking of which, is there a reason we shouldn't reopen to full capacity again?"

Baal shook his head, "Not really. But I'd recommend giving it a few days. Get used to it first. Then open up the place. We can afford to close for a few days."

"Where do you know finance?" Harry asked. "That's not my favorite thing here. We used to have someone, but... it didn't work out, and your uncle was hopeless with a checkbook."

Harry smiled, thinking of all the times they went out for ice cream and came back with a ton of flavors to try. Those were some of his fondest memories. "Okay, so what do I need to know?" Hours later, Harry slumped into a chair opposite the Weasley family. The dining room was empty of everyone except for Baal and whoever was in the kitchen.

"How are you settling in, Harry?" Harry sighed, "Not great, Arthur...not great."

"Harry said things weren't going smoothly. How bad is it?" mother, Ron, asked.

"The company is almost bankrupt. Maintenance has been rolled back. Only a skeleton crew is still working here, and most of them were sent home when Sirius died," he sighed.

"Well, the Ministry released his body today, and we've reserved a funeral home," Ron sighed. "He'll be cremated the day after tomorrow."

Harry nodded, "I suppose I'll use tomorrow to clean up this place. I'll ask Baal to call all the staff and invite them to the funeral."

"That would be best," Arthur smiled sadly. "He was well-liked by the few people we met here."

When Baal emerged with the meals, the family sat in silence and ate. It was a simple fare, just steak and vegetables. It was good and it suited the small family's taste. Afterward, Artur and Molly retired to their rooms, and Harry headed to his office. Pushing open the open door, he jumped at the sound of a terrified squeal.

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