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Cupid ch.1

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We would like to inform you that your services as an Auror are no longer required. Please return all items assigned to the Ministry of Magic by the end of the day. Your last payment will be sent according to the regular schedule.

We wish you luck in your future career.


Cho Chang

Human Resources Manager, Auror Department, Ministry of Magic

Harry simply sighed as he read the letter for the fifth time. Being let go wasn't bad enough, but he was an unpaid intern whom Kingsley had promised to hire at their last meeting. So after putting away all the reports and packing his few belongings, Harry threw his ID on the desk and stood up. There was no need to say goodbye on the way out. He hadn't been there long enough for anyone other than the attractive receptionist to notice him.

"Harry, where do you think you're going?" The voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

Harry slowed down and sighed softly to himself. "Home, Cho, I'm going home."

"Home?" She furrowed her brow. "It's only noon, Harry."

"Well, they might as well just cut a portion of my pay," he shrugged and headed for the door. "It's highly unprofessional!" She snapped, storming after him.

"Unprofessional," Harry laughed. By now, he had the attention of the entire room. "What about the complete protocol from our last meeting where you told me you were going to hire me next week, and compare it to the letter you just sent me saying that I've been let go?"

Harry shook his head and continued walking, even as Cho stared at him in disbelief. "Is it true?" Tonks asked as he passed by the reception desk. Harry nodded. "Nice to meet you," she smiled.

"Nice to meet you too," he replied.

Pushing open the doors, Harry stepped outside and took a deep breath. Then, realizing how crappy the air quality was in the city, he sighed and headed for his car. The old, beat-up Corolla didn't look too great, but it started and drove without any problems.

"Is this really what I want?" Harry asked himself aloud as he threw his things onto the passenger seat and started the car. Since Hermione took over the Ministry, most apparition was blocked for security reasons, so more and more Ministry officials were using cars after work. And his friend's overuse of apparition passes resulted in his quick dismissal.

Turning back to the office, he saw Nimphadora waving sadly at him. With a quick wave of his own, Harry started driving. Walking into the apartment he had rented after the war, Harry stared at the walls. It was dirty, empty, and barely more than a place to sleep. Just a bedroom, a small kitchen, and a shower with a toilet. It was the cheapest thing he could find that his parents were willing to pay for until he got on his feet. And now his biggest shot was gone.


Harry furrowed his brow before getting up and heading towards the door. Checking through the peephole, all he could see was a courier company uniform. Pulling the door open, Harry furrowed his brow at the young man who smiled back.

"I think you've got the wrong place," Harry told him.

The young man frowned for a moment and checked the thick cardboard envelope in his hand. "Harry Potter?"

"Ummm..." Harry hesitated, "Yeah, actually."

"Great, sign here," the young man handed him a small tablet device and waited as Harry signed his name on it.

Then Harry was left staring at the oversized envelope. It had no name or return address. So he sighed and pulled on the tab. He opened the envelope, lifted it and pulled out a key with a note. Harry stared at the plain-looking key for a moment before checking the note.


If you're reading this, congratulations on the change of lifestyle. My time has come and now it's yours. You'll know what to do.

Sirius Black

P.s. Don't get rid of the cupid statue. P.p.s Seriously, don't get rid of it.

P.p.p.s Seriously, seriously don't, promise me now!

P.P.P.P.S Hug the gray wolf, he won't take it well.

Harry READ THE NOTE TWICE. What the hell was this? Sirius had died years ago, why were these papers even delivered to him by Muggle means? Hadn't he lost everything to the goblins after the war, including what Sirius had left him? He scanned the papers that were delivered. Aside from the deed to some spa, there was a letter.

If you're reading these words, it means I'm no longer alive. I'm passing my legacy on to Harry Potter under one condition: if Harry agrees to take it on personally.

You're receiving my beloved mountain spa as my legacy. I want you to run it with love and respect, as I did for years.

Make sure the mountain spa remains unchanged and in good condition. Enjoy it as I did when I was among the living.

Let my legacy remind you that life is short and it should be cherished. I hope you always find time to rest and discover the beauty of nature that surrounds us.

Harry, you're my heir and my friend. I'm proud of who you are and who you'll become. Let my legacy protect and inspire you throughout your life.


Sirius Black

Pulling out his two-way mirror, Harry called his friend Ron. When Harry told Ron about his situation, his friend listened carefully.

Ron raised his eyebrows in surprise. "What? Sirius died years ago... This must be some kind of joke."

"That's what I thought too, but the letter looks authentic and the papers are official. Sirius wrote that he's passing on this spa to me on the condition that I take it on personally," Harry explained.

Ron pondered for a moment. "Well, it sounds like an incredible opportunity, but are you sure it's not some kind of trick?"

"Harry shrugged. "I'm not sure, but I want to find out. Sirius also wrote a few strange notes that sound like something he would say. I guess I have to take the risk."

Seeing the uncertainty on Harry's face, Ron smiled. "You know what, Harry? Maybe this is a sign. You lost your job, and now you have a chance for something completely new. Maybe it's worth taking a risk. If you need help, you can always count on me."

Harry returned the smile. "Thank you, Ron. That means a lot to me. Do you think I can break the lease and come stay with you for a while before I check out the spa?"

"Of course! My family will always be like a home to you. Come over whenever you want," Ron replied.

Harry thanked him again, and then they ended the conversation. With hope in his heart, Harry decided to follow Sirius's mysterious legacy. He couldn't wait to learn more about this place and understand why Sirius had passed it on to him now.

Silently, Harry was left with his phone in hand, emitting that terrible sound. So after hanging up, he began to pack. No nonsense when it came to it. No point in saying goodbye, he knew Harry would come. He would be foolish not to. It didn't take him too long. Cleaning the bathroom took just five minutes. All his clothes were still in his suitcase. The laptop he had returned to its bag. The only thing left was a single mattress. It took a bit of effort, but a bit of time and elbow grease, and even that was tied to the roof. It wasn't the most classic thing he had ever done, but it was effective. With a word to the landlord to let him know what was happening, Harry began to drive.

He made one stop for a bathroom break and snacks before pulling into the Weasley's driveway. By the time Harry was out of the car, the front door was open, and Ron and his parents were coming to greet him.

"Hey Ron, good morning," Harry said, accepting a hug from the older man, and then a tight embrace from Mrs. Weasley. "Your room is just as you left it," he smiled, "this is your home. But I don't think you'll be using it for longer than one night."

Harry paused for a moment before remembering that the spa came with an attached hotel, and Uncle Sirius probably just stayed there while taking care of the spa.

"Come on. You must be hungry, and we can go see the place tomorrow," Ron smiled sadly.

With a full stomach and the blessings of Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Harry found comfort in the old familiar, falling asleep in bed.

The next day, Harry drove his old Corolla behind Ron's parents' SUV. They agreed with his assessment that he would probably stay longer. The drive itself took only an hour. It was like entering a new world. The city was long behind them, and all around was the beauty of trees and silence. Harry smiled, seeing the old log buildings. They were designed to blend in with the natural surroundings, even though they were modern inside. Nobody wanted to come to a winter spa treatment and then stay in a drafty room. Nevertheless, as they pulled up to the entrance, Harry could see that everything had been left to run wild. The trees were untrimmed, the grass was a little too long, and everything looked like it needed a good coat of paint. In front, where the driveway was lined with a valet, an intelligently dressed man stood tall and proud as we approached.

He waited for us to disembark before approaching us. "Are you perhaps Mr. Potter's family?" Arthur nodded. "This is my wife, Molly, and my son Ron... and his friend Harry."

The valet politely nodded and shook hands with both of Ron's parents before stopping at the younger man. "Mr. Black told us a little bit about you. He said you studied business but were good with your hands."

Harry smiled and nodded. "Yes, my uncle Sirius taught me a few things. I was never as good as him, but I could give a mean back massage if I had to."

The man smiled. He was middle-aged, a little older than Ron's father. Gray had crept into his temples, but he had a mischievous glint in his eye. When he smiled, he was like a kindly older gentleman, and Harry decided he liked him.

"Very well, glad to have you all here. Artur, Molly, Ron, I'll show you to your rooms for now. Harry, if you'd like, you can wait here in the lobby. I'll be back shortly. We have a bit of paperwork to go through." "No problem," Harry smiled.

"Excellent, Artur, Molly, Ron, if you'll follow me?" Harry followed the rest to the lobby before peeling away and looking around. The room was the same as always. Large, open, quiet, with plain, relaxing colors and plenty of light, if a little old and musty-smelling. The welcome desk on the far wall was simple but ornate. And behind it stood a statue of Cupid. That was something Harry had wondered about. His uncle had spent so much time polishing it and keeping it in pristine condition. There was even a plexiglass cover on top. Speaking of... Harry approached the desk and saw the lid placed aside. He lifted it before noticing a thin layer of dust on the statue. Shrugging, Harry turned and checked the cabinet underneath. As expected, there were cleaning supplies that looked perfect for the job. Straightening up, Harry quickly sprayed the statue. It was made of bronze and shone brightly under the dust after years of polishing. The statue was... strange. It was an Cupid, but it was as if Cupid was more like Hercules. Instead of a small, chubby child holding a bow, it was a muscular, naked man. He stood tall and proud, stretching his body as he pulled back a powerful-looking war bow. Another thing that caught the eye was the rather large... package... Harry tried not to think about it as he wiped the surface with a cloth. As he continued to spray and wipe, Harry made sure everything was in its place. The bow was the hardest part, as he had to be careful with all the small details. It wouldn't be good if dust got trapped under his fingers or around the arrowhead where it almost touched his hand.

"Thank you, Jacob," the concierge said. Harry, not hearing the approaching man, jumped before yelling in pain.


He felt the sharp arrowhead hit the side of his finger, which pulsated crazily. For a split second, a shock of pain ran from his finger to his chest, making him think that the arrow was poisoned or something. After a few beats of his heart, the pain subsided. Quickly, he reminded himself to check if the statue was cursed.

"Harry, sir? Are you okay?"

Looking down at the tiniest prick of the pin on the side of his finger, Harry nodded. "Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't realize how sharp the arrow was and got it in my finger."

"My apologies," the man smiled widely. "Please, if you follow me, I will take you to your uncle's office. We have some paperwork to go over."

"Right," Harry nodded, checking the tiny red dot on his finger.

Following the concierge, Harry realized that he didn't even know his name. Before he could gather the courage to ask, the man led him into a familiar-looking room.

"Now, it's best if you take a seat on your side," he smiled. Harry furrowed his brows for a moment before sitting at the desk. It was a strange feeling to be sitting where his uncle Sirius sat all those years.

"Where would you like to start?" Harry blinked for a moment. "Ummm...what's your name?"

The concierge smiled. "Call me Baal." "Baal?" Harry wondered for a moment. "Like the god of fertility?"

"Exactly," Baal smiled.

Harry looked at the man for a moment but followed him. "Okay, Baal, what's the plan?"

"Oh, it'll be much easier," Baal smiled. "Your uncle was a brilliant man, but he was never quite on board with everything I had to say."

Harry frowned for a moment, but before he could speak, a quick set of knocks on the door caught their attention. Baal looked at Harry, and Harry lowered himself, realizing that it was HIS office.

"Come in!"

The door burst open and a young woman stood in it. "Oh, ummm."

"No worries," Harry smiled.

The woman looked rather disoriented as she glanced from Harry to Baal and back again, but settled on a spot between them. "Fleur closed her finger in the door. She went to the doctor, and we don't have anyone else on staff who can take care of Mrs. Malfoy."

Harry furrowed his brow for a moment. "We don't have anyone else - no one else on staff who can take her on?"

The woman seemed to flinch for a moment, but Baal cleared his throat. "Sir, with your uncle's passing, we cut all the unnecessary clients and sent most of the staff home with compensation. Only those who were considered VIPs remained on site. We could bring someone else in, but it would take some time."

"You don't..."

"No, sir," Baal shook his head. "I greet clients and make reservations for them at the hotel. I have never laid a hand on them." Harry sighed for a moment before looking up at the young woman. "Okay, let's see what I can do with my uncle's training member."

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS," Narcissa Malfoy grumbled to herself. "My son leaves for Hogwarts, leaving me. Then Lucius goes to Azkaban on his own accord. And I splurge on VIP treatment at this crappy little spa, and the first man to touch me in years runs off, and there's no substitute."

She sat, naked on the bench seat in front of the massage table. Even it looked outdated. The padding was solid but worn in places. It wasn't the most comfortable thing she had ever laid on, including her soon-to-be-ex-husband. Sirius, his hands were magical. They hit every spot and made her feel like a pile of goo on the table. That was the only reason she endured the dusty room and clattering air conditioner. And now she was waiting for a second taste, only to find out the man had died in the war, and his replacement had injured herself and wouldn't be coming. A gentle knocking on the door lifted her head.

"It's open," she snapped grumpily. The door opened, and she froze. "Sirius?" But she quickly realized it wasn't him. Harry could only bless that he had used the blood adoption ritual from Sirius so he could live as a regular human and not be recognized at every turn as a hero.

"Ummm," Harry paused. "Yes and no. Would you like to put something on?"

The woman snorted and grabbed a towel, covering her breasts. She wasn't ashamed of herself, and if it were Sirius, she would appreciate him seeing her. But... "Yes and no?" she asked, masking her embarrassment.

Harry nodded. "Yes, I am a Black, but I'm not THAT Black. My uncle passed away rather suddenly, and... well, it seems I inherited this place.”

Mrs. Malfoy softened her expression for a moment. "I've heard a lot about it. After all, Sirius was my cousin. Maybe I should just leave and say goodbye?"

Harry smiled at the attractive older woman and felt an uncomfortable tightening in his pants. "No, you're here now. I'll refund your visit, but let's see if I can make you comfortable if you want. I'm not quite my uncle and I'm a bit rusty, but he trained me well." She smiled and nodded. "Right well..." "Oh!" Harry blushed and quickly retreated from the room.

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