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Cupid ch.2

Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are already on Patreon

If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit Mrs. Malfoy sighed. He wasn't Harry. But he was sweet, so she could fantasize regardless. As he closed the door, she quickly discarded the towel and settled onto the bench. "I'm proper!" she exclaimed, placing her face into the cushion.

The door opened a few seconds later as Harry entered the room. He had been in this position before. A beautiful naked woman, face down on the table. Her ass nicely arched, and he swallowed, feeling his pants becoming tight. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Harry put on a professional smile. "Alright, Mrs. Malfoy. What can I do for you today?" "I still feel quite good from my last appointment. And if you're giving me a refund, maybe we can just do some exercises? I'll let you know if anything is working or not, and you'll be back in shape." Harry smiled and nodded, before realizing she couldn't see him. "That sounds perfect then."

Checking the bench on the far side, Harry pressed the music button. Soft tones filled the room and Mrs. Malfoy seemed to relax a bit further. Oils were kept in a warm bath on a nearby shelf and Harry examined them. "Any special scent?" "Something floral?" Harry checked the labels and noticed the one he needed. Pinching some, Harry made his way over, popping the lid and offering it to her to smell. "Perfect," she murmured.

Harry smiled to himself and got to work. He poured some oil onto his hands and more onto her skin, spending a few minutes simply massaging her. The whole time, he paid attention to the tension in her muscles. He felt small knots forming and built a plan for how to deal with them. He was completely unaware of how Mrs. Malfoy was squirming under his touch.

She, on the other hand, was dying inside. His hands were magical. Sirius was the first person to lay his hands on her. He had barely started and she was already trying not to squirm. She felt warmth between her legs and despite the embarrassment of leaving a wet spot on the table.

She realized she wanted more. When his hands began to press and knead, she let out a small moan of pleasure. Harry heard the moan and sighed with relief that he was doing something right. He looked around and used the sides of his hands to spread the pressure as he manipulated the sore muscles beneath her skin. He tried to be as effective as possible, not wanting to bruise or cause pain, but at the same time wanting to relieve her stress. Whatever was bothering her had made her tense all over, and Harry wanted to help her release it. Working, he entered a trance. Knowing what he was doing, he continued his work, soothing her pains and discomforts in his own world.

Mrs. Malfoy bit her lip. He rubbed every sore spot. He pressed every tense spot. Every knot was loosened and every pain eased. Desperately trying not to moan like the whore her husband called her, Mrs. Malfoy couldn't help it, but she wanted to. His hands traveled to her butt, massaging the firm globes. He passed over them briefly as he moved down each leg, but when he came back up, she imagined how her pussy hurt. She fantasized about feeling his hands touching her between her legs. Part of her wanted to ask. Most of her wanted to beg. She opened her mouth to say something, anything, but the words wouldn't come out. A firm hand suddenly pushed between her thighs, and the muscular fingers rubbed along her labia, making her freeze.

Harry snapped back to reality. His hand was tight, extremely hot, and incredibly slick. Mrs. Malfoy was trembling slightly and making noises. Withdrawing his hand, Harry nearly hyperventilated. He was going to jail. He had been here for one day and now he was going to be arrested and charged.

"I'm so sorry," he said softly. "I don't know what came over me."

Taking a deep breath and preparing to call the police himself, he froze when she took a deep shuddering breath. "It's okay, Harry. Let's... Just finish this then."

Gingerly rolling over, wincing as the wet mess on the table squelched under her butt, she lay back down before realizing she was completely naked again. A delicate patch of trimmed pubic hair stood up, slick with her own juices. Without hesitation, Harry quickly covered her lower half with a towel.

"I... Um... Are you sure?" Harry asked.

Mrs. Malfoy took a few deep breaths. "Yes, Harry. Please continue."

Nodding, Harry prepared the oil again. Before applying some to his hands and her stomach, her breasts naturally lay on either side and he swallowed, trying not to think about them. He had practically attacked her once before, and she had been kind enough to give him a pass. With unsteady hands, Harry began to massage the oil into her front. He began on her stomach, and then moved up, being careful not to touch her breasts directly, as he moved up around her neck and shoulders.


He froze.

"You missed a few spots," she said softly, keeping her eyes closed.

Harry cleared his throat with a small cough. "Right... Wasn't sure..."

"It's okay," she said a little faster than she even thought necessary. She didn't know why she felt like this, but his hands on her felt amazing. She wanted more and despite the obviousness, she couldn't understand why she wanted it so badly.

Ignoring how Mrs. Malfoy bit her lip when his hands began massaging the oil into her breasts, Harry was gentle, but firm, making sure he could feel the muscles underneath to solve the problems. Then he got to work. Moving around her, he rubbed her stomach, arms, and even her breasts. Completely unaware of how she rubbed her thighs when he himself worked in a trance.

Without giving her more than a quick smile, Harry lifted the towel, revealing one of her legs and quickly moving down. Mrs. Malfoy moaned, feeling his hands move across the surface of her thigh. Her pussy pulsed as the tips of his fingers moved so close to her most sensitive spot. He tried to maintain professionalism, keeping as much distance as possible. When he massaged her calf and back, she felt her own wetness spreading beneath her. He didn't pay attention to it as he turned around and started moving down her other leg.

"Harry?" she practically growled as his hands finally left her skin.

Harry froze, "Yes, Mrs. Malfoy?"

Thoughts of her cheating husband crossed her mind. Was this just revenge? She couldn't be sure it wasn't part of it. But the truth remained, her pussy was desperate, and it had been a long time since someone made her feel like this. "Harry, there's one part of me you missed."

Harry's eyes bulged out of his head as she pulled the towel away and spread her legs. Her swollen labia practically drooled onto the table beneath them. She held herself perfectly still, just like before.


"Please?" she whimpered softly. "It's such a delicate feeling."

"Mrs. Malfoy..."

"I need this, Harry," she whispered. "Please?" Harry swallowed before nodding. He leaned over her and pressed his hands to the insides of her thighs. As he moved his hands up, he built a small picture of the structure beneath the skin. He knew about the discomfort she was feeling and could sense the tightness between her legs. Tracing his thumbs on either side of her labia, she gasped and twisted her hips. It quickly became apparent to him that it was also incredibly uncomfortable for him. "I'm going to step onto the table," Harry said softly. "Move your legs to the side so I can work on you better."

Mrs. Malfoy nervously bit her lip as she followed his instructions. She spread her knees to the sides of the table, allowing her arms to rest on the surface as well. She was now open and exposed before him. She imagined her hands and feet being bound together, keeping her in this position, open and vulnerable to his victorious hands as they returned to work between her legs.

His thumbs ran up and down her labia, causing her to quiver and gasp. He changed his technique, rubbing her mons, causing her clit to tingle. He pinched her pussy between his fingers, causing her labia to part slightly. The strong pressure on her clit made her mind race. Involuntarily tensing her Kegel muscles, the small movement felt like it was tugging at her clit, making her gasp. In turn, Harry turned his thumb and index finger, massaging all of her external sex in one motion. Mrs. Malfoy felt the tension building within her as the massage increased her pleasure. As she writhed, the massage intensified her pleasure. As her pleasure grew, she tensed her Kegels, feeling the small tugs on her clitoris pushing her higher and higher. Gasping and moaning, the feeling became a feedback loop as her Kegels came to life on their own, clenching and spasming like her labia were being rolled in his fingers until finally...

"Oh my god!" she screamed.

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