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PotPods ch.3

Chapters 4, 5, and 6 are already on Patreon

If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit As his wonderful MILF Mother took his cock back down her throat, son started making a mental list of all the girls who were going to get a new pair of PotPods - whether they wanted them or not.

He just hoped it wouldn’t be too long before his goblin scouted out the family stash. As he waited on the porch, tapping his foot impatiently, Harry Potter couldn’t help but feel frustrated with the delayed delivery. He usually didn’t worry about packages, as they often appeared like magic on his doorstep, but this particular one was different - it contained his destiny.

He checked his goblin letter for the hundredth time that day. According to the information, his owl was supposed to drop off his box ten minutes ago. The box contained four dozen pairs of PotPods, a preliminary design created by his father at Hogwarts. James Potter, his father, was always remembered as the perfect wizard, excelling in everything he did. As a result, Harry was constantly compared to him, causing him to resent him. However, his perspective changed when he found an old photo of his father just before the famous battle with Voldemort and tried on his headphones. Although the ones from his desk were faulty, the ones his Mother Lily took from his drawer during her morning workout changed his life forever.

“What are you doing there?” Lily called out from inside, catching Harry’s attention. He looked through the glass door and saw his gorgeous MILF Mother lounging against the front door in a pink terrycloth bathrobe. He knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, having spent the entire morning probing her mind about the PotPods.

“I’m waiting for the delivery, Mom,” he replied, waving at her. “It should be here any minute.”

Mom twirled a lock of her long blonde hair and gave him a suggestive look. “Why don’t you come sit on the couch, and I can entertain you while you wait?” She made a cupping motion with her hand, indicating she wanted to give him a blowjob. “Of course, I understand if you’re tired. You gave Mommy a blowjob after Rose left for class, almost as if you were venting some frustration.”

Ah yes, Harry thought to himself. His whole life had become a game of keeping his two women under his roof a secret. Sneaking off to fuck them in the bathroom had become like a stealth mission, as if he was Solid Snake from the Metal Gear Solid games. That’s part of why he was searching for anything in the attic in the first place. Things had gotten sweeter since he turned Mom into his personal porn star, but it was still hard to keep everything hidden. Rose, the other woman in the house, was becoming more suspicious every day, especially since Mom had been strutting around in practically nothing, making suggestive jokes and offering him “shoulder massages”.

But Harry knew what he wanted - the next pair of PotPods. He had discovered their power, but they were strictly a one-person affair. Mother refused to take off her pair, no matter how much he begged. It was a small price to pay for the opportunity to fuck her whenever he wanted, but he wanted more. He wanted Rose and many other girls, and to do that, he needed more PotPods.

As if on cue, an owl appeared over the roof of a nearby house. It swayed as it crossed the road, and the wind flicked the package it was holding. The driver’s head popped out the window, eyebrows raised at Harry’s eagerness for his package.

“That’s it!” Harry exclaimed as the owl fell right at his feet.

The parcel was small, too small for a magical parcel. Harry tore open the brown paper and found a box containing four sets of headphones. He inspected the letter and quickly saw the amount - three hundred thousand galleons - the cost to remove the curse from each pair.

“Huh,” Harry muttered, folding the paper and tucking it into his pocket. He didn’t have a whole stack of PotPods for world domination, but he had four more pairs - four more women who would become his willing slaves. The thought excited him greatly. Harry Potter counted the women in his house in his head: Mom and Rose. He needed them both under his control to get away with what he was planning. That left three pairs of PotPods for him to use on other women. He decided Ginny, his ex-girlfriend, was at the top of the list. After that, he considered bagging a Veela or a decent pureblood. If he needed more than five pairs, he would find someone to sponsor the headphones in exchange for access to one of the pairs.

When he arrived home with the box of PotPods, Mom was waiting for him in a bathrobe that barely covered her thighs. She was surprised by the small size of the box and asked if James had produced more. Harry quickly explained the situation and showed her the four pairs of headphones and the note. Mom suggested that it was still enough for Rose and Ginny, and asked who else Harry was planning to give a couple to.

Harry was aroused by her naughty smile and the thought of the possibilities. He backhanded her and growled, “Whoever the fuck I want.” They went to take a shower together, and Harry couldn’t take his eyes off Mom’s body. In the shower, he stared at her big, soft tits, parted lips, and glistening crack, and he knew he was in for a good time. Harry Potter noticed that Mom had noticed him. “Is something wrong, darling? Is there something wrong with my body?” he heard her say.

“Not at all,” Harry replied, shaking his head. “You’re bloody gorgeous, Mom. Half the girls in my Hogwarts yearbook would kill to have a body like yours.”

Mom’s eyes traveled to Harry’s cock, which was standing out like an iron beam as the water cascaded down his body. “Yes, I definitely think you like what you see,” she purred, squeezing a dollop of body wash into her hands. “Let me get started, honey...”

Harry felt Mom’s hands firmly grasp his cock and begin stroking. He closed his eyes, letting the water run down his forehead and over his face as she began to give him a handjob. She pressed her soft, curvy body against him as she worked, kissing his cheek and whispering into his ear.

“You’re so hard for Mom,” she whined, grinding against his thigh. The heat rolling from her pussy was even hotter than the water. “Mom loves taking care of you, baby. It makes Mom so wet to see her big, strong Harry all stiff and hard for her. Feel...”

With her free hand, she took Harry’s wrist and guided his hand between her thighs. Mom wasn’t lying - she was saturated. Her inner walls trembled around his fingers as he explored her pussy, making her shake with pleasure.

“Isn’t it so soft?” Mom asked, riding Harry’s fingers. “Your hardness was made to go inside that softness, Harry. Mom’s softness. To have it wrapped around you, so soft and silky around your so hard cock, as it goes alllll the way inside Mom’s cunt....”

Harry had heard more than enough. With a gasp, he turned Mom, so that she was facing the shower head and lifted one of her legs over the edge of the tub. That stopped her big ass in mid-air, her hot little slit dripping just below.

“This is exactly why I wanted you here with me,” he growled, grabbing a handful of her hair for leverage. “I’m in love with your tight little pussy, Mom. I need her all the fucking time!”

“She’s yours!” moaned Mom, bringing herself down on Harry’s cock. “Whenever you want, Harry. Mom belongs to you!”

Pleasure coursed through Harry as his cock rode hilt-deep in Mom’s pussy. She didn’t lie that she felt like she was made for him, fitting like a second skin around his shaft as he grabbed her hips and pumped hard. Mom watched him over her shoulder as he fucked her, her eyes shining with approval, as if she had never been more proud of him.

She assured Harry, a stream of water pouring from between her breasts, “You can fuck Mom as hard as you want.” “Go ahead, stud. Show me how strong you are. Show me how you will break my daughter in half...”

At the mention of Rose, son’s cock jerked hard against Mom’s inner walls. Mom felt it and giggled. “Oh, you like it, don’t you? You like the idea of a Mother gifting you with her daughter as if she were some kind of slave concubine. Like I’m a madam and she’s my best whore!”

As he pounded away, Harry gasped and expressed his desire for a lot of girls. “I think any of these PotPods will find their way into the ears of some very sweet, very fuckable girls,” he said, addressing Mom. “I think I deserve it, don’t you? Don’t you think I deserve to fuck them in front of you on your bed?”

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