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PotPods ch.2

Chapters 3, and 4 are already on Patreon

If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit Mom slid her panties down to her ankles, then straddled his cock. Her slit was hairless, perfectly trimmed, and glistening from her juices. She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft, then guided him to her folds. “Is this the position you want to lose your virginity in, darling?” Mother asked son, gazing at him with a love and devotion she had never shown him before today. “Don’t worry, we’ll do all the positions you can think of. I’m going to show you every way you can get off inside a woman. I just want it to be really, really special for you.”

Son couldn’t believe she was thinking so deeply about his comfort. “Yes,” he said, his hands going from her ass to her tits. “Riding me with those big tits reflecting in my face? Sounds like heaven.”

Mom tossed her head back and laughed. “It is, sweetheart. For both of us.”

Mom’s boobs felt so good under son’s fingers. Ginny never let him play with her like that - he could squeeze and explore those gorgeous jugs all day. “You don’t mind when I do this, do you, Mom?” he asked, giving one very hard squeeze. “When do I use those big, sexy fun bags?”

Mom’s expression went tight with pleasure. She let out a groan as she shook her head. “No, honey. This is good for you. You’re such a big man, aren’t you? Just like your father - although I never let him use me like a tawny little fucktoy like that before...”

Son didn’t want to hear about his father. He wanted to fuck his Mother to death.

He spanked her ass with his free hand and pressed her against him. “Let me feel it,” he commanded, the crown of his cock sliding into her folds. “I want that pussy, Mom...”

With a slight whimper, Mom slammed her hips down. His cock drove into her in one smooth stroke, her warmth and tightness enveloping him. He couldn’t help himself, he cried out, unable to believe how incredibly fucking good it felt to be inside her. Mom’s pussy was tight, warm and welcoming - embracing him as if it was made to receive his cock, as if Mom had spent her whole life preparing for this moment.

“Welcome home, son,” Mom whispered in his ear, her pussy clenching around him as he reached the bottom inside her. “Welcome to manhood.”

She gripped him as she rode him, sending waves of pleasure through his body as they fucked. The wet sound of skin on skin filled the master bedroom as he used his parents’ bed for what it was made of. Primal, primal fucking. He pushed up into his Mother harder and harder, shaking off his shyness as he became more and more familiar with her inner walls.

“Fuck, you’re so big,” growled Mom, bringing her hips down on him as hard as he was giving her. “And hard. Fuck, Mom hasn’t had something this big inside me in so long, baby! I think I’m... oh shit, I think I’m going to be…”

Mom arched her back and howled with delight as she orgasmed, her face and tits blushing a deep red. The walls of her pussy gripped son’s cock even tighter as she came, milking it so hard that he did not know how much longer he could hold back his load.

Finally, she relaxed, settling on top of him. son’s cock remained inside her, every movement of her pussy sending sparks through his body as she pressed her face against his chest and whined.

“Thank you,” Mom muttered, her shoulders trembling with sobs as she kissed her way from his breast to his lips. “Fuck, you made me feel so good, son. I love you so damn much...”

Son was feeling the same way, but he didn’t want to hear the love stuff just then - he still didn’t get his rocks off, even though the things she’d done to him so far were amazing. His confidence level was very high, which gave him the courage to do what he did next: grab a handful of Mom’s hair and drape it around his fingers like they were in a porn movie.

He pulled her face to his and kissed her, hard. He could tell that the mixture of pain and pleasure was doing things to her mind, that she was looking at him in a way she had never had before. “Make me come,” he commanded, tightening his grip on her hair.

Mom’s eyes lit up. “Yes, Lord,” she said, complying with the order and thrusting her large, perfect tits in his face. “Don’t hold back, son - I know you need to cum. You lasted so much longer than most men do their first time. Fuck, you even made me come first!”

Son was truly in heaven. Mom’s pussy was pumping up and down his cock, gripping him tighter than a glove, and her big tits were right in his face, ready to play. He sucked them greedily as she rode him, placing bites on her pale skin that he knew would mark her for days. He wanted her to have them - he wanted her to feel that little shiver of pain, knowing that she had a secret under her clothes that she had received from her own son.

“Come for me, son,” Mom growled, riding him harder and faster than anything he had ever felt before.

He could barely keep up - and when he did, it became impossible to stop. His pleasure built and built until the whole world was pushed out. “Shoot inside my pussy, baby! Fill me up! Fuck, your daddy never used this bed like you did! This is your bed, your home - your woman, son! I’m yours. I belong to you. You can fuck me whenever you want! Oh fuck me, son, I love you. Come inside me cum in my pussy...” “I’m coming,” son gasped, burying his face in Mom’s tits. She welcomed him into her cleavage, arching her back as a second orgasm tore through her moments later. He jackhammered upward, filling her so deeply that he could feel her walls stretching around him. “Fuck, Mom, I’m about to shoot...”

What happened next made every pleasure he had ever felt in his life seem small in comparison. Every time he jerked off to porn, handjob in Ginny’s car - none of them could compare to the heavenly feeling of eruption inside his Mother’s tight, quivering pussy. She was still cumming when the first streams of his semen splashed against her walls, clenching around his cock as each drop of his load splashed directly into her womb. He didn’t let the fact that he was busting raw and unprotected inside Mom worry him. Instead, he grabbed her ass with both hands and entered as deeply as he could, as if he were trying to impregnate her.

“Fuck yeah, I’m cumming,” he growled, his cock jerking inside her as he deposited his load. “Fuck, that feels so good! Gonna fill that pussy up ...!”

By the time he was done coming, he had really filled her up. Mom’s pussy was dripping with his semen, coating his shaft as it slipped out. He couldn’t believe he shot so much - it was so much more spunk than he was used to from jerking off watching porn. It was as if his body knew he was fucking a fertile woman and acted on primal instinct.

Mom rolled onto her side and raked his chest with her nails as he came down from his peak. Her breasts pressed against him, one thigh above his cock and gently running up and down his still sensitive flesh.

“Let me clean this for you,” she whispered with a giggle, moving down his body. In another moment, the wet warmth of her mouth was around him, cleaning him with her tongue. He began to stiffen back to full hardness between her lips, pleasure building anew.

Fuck, this is so amazing, he thought, staring at the ceiling as his Mother gave him a blowjob. She will do anything he wants right now. He OWNS her. Holy shit - from now on he will get laid whenever he wants, however he wants. This is so awesome....

A sudden thought cut through the pleasure and made him sit up halfway. Mom didn’t stop sucking, unable or unwilling to pay attention to anything but the cock in her mouth. If PotPods could do it to her, could he do it to other women?

He could still see the little white earbuds in Mom’s ears. He reached for one - but when his finger touched it, Mom interrupted what she was doing and grabbed his wrist.

“What are you doing, honey?” Mom asked, sounding annoyed that something had interrupted her blowjob.

“I was just thinking... if I put these things in Ginny’s ears, do you think they’ll tell her that she should worship me too?” the son said.

Mom shrugged. “I don’t know, dear. They’re Moms. They’re tied up with me now.”

“Tied up?”

“Yes!” Mom nodded eagerly. “They tell me how fun and sexy what I’m doing with you is, son. If I took them out... I don’t know if I would like what would happen!”

So, son needs earbuds for the effect to work, he thought, feeling his excitement deflate. He had to remind himself that he had a beautiful MILF ready to fulfill his every sexual fantasy, but still...

His gaze wandered to his father’s photo, and an idea formed. “Mom?” he asked. “Can I have the key to the Potters’ main chamber?”

“Of course, dear,” muttered Mom, stroking his shaft firmly but slowly. A bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of the son’s cock, and she swirled her tongue around it. “You can have all you want from Mommy!” she said.

“Great!” In a flash, the son was typing away. Mom’s lips around his cock only distracted him once or twice, and a second powerful orgasm tore through him as he pumped another load down her throat. “Fuck, this feels amazing. You’re so good at this, Mom.”

“Thank you, honey,” whispered Mom, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “What are you going to do?”

A wide grimace stretched across son’s face. “I’m going to see if Father has left any notes or more PotPods. I think I’m going to start handing out some early Christmas presents. Ginny will certainly appreciate a new way to enjoy her favorite music...”

Mom flashed a mischievous grin. “You know who else will love them?” She leaned close, her still-hard nipples rough against his chest. “Rose.”

Son hadn’t thought of that, but as soon as she said it, the image of both his Mother and half-sister on their knees begging to share him filled his mind and refused to go away. It sounded like the hottest thing in the world.

“Fuck yes,” the son said. “Good catch, Mom. Now go back down there.”

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