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Interplane ch.3

Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are already on Patreon

If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit Both Daphne and Myrtle scowled as if they were sucking on a lime. It was a bad sign, no doubt. However, Daphne, now dressed in black booty shorts and a black tank top without a bra, was quick to try and dispel Harry's concerns. She purred, pressing both her hands and body against him, nudging him lightly and seductively towards the door. "Please don't worry about it now, Master. The job has many benefits that make it worthwhile."

That caught Harry's attention. "I'll listen to you, but if I don't like the package deal-"

"I understand," Daphne insisted, her bat wings flapping behind her shoulders. She smelled of lavender and sage, and Harry resisted the urge to take a good, perverse whiff of her perfumed musk now that she was so close.

"Daphne!" Myrtle whined impatiently, "We can get to the fun stuff soon enough, but first, he must learn to navigate the castle."

With that, the doors were flung open, and Harry looked down what appeared to be a winding, endless corridor. "What the fuck..."

"Oh, it's not that bad," Daphne insisted, easing away from him. Frankly, Harry felt a little sad seeing the chasm widen between them. "You just have to know how to communicate with it."

"With what?" Harry asked, suddenly very disoriented. He looked at Myrtle and jerked back when, for a split second, blood flowed from her eyes, mouth, and nose. "Holy shit!"

"I'm sorry!" Myrtle said, blurring back to normal. "It's hard to maintain physical form without...freaking out." Harry shook his head, trying to dismiss the sight that had been seared into his retinas. Electricity of fear tingled through him, making his skin taut against his bones like gooseflesh formed all over his body. "It's okay. Answer the question," he said. "With what?"

"Hogwarts," Daphne said, as aware as the previous master had saved it from the world where Grindelwald won. "Your castle!"

"My castle is Hogwarts?" Harry asked, shocked. "And it has a gender?"

The two monster girls looked at each other and giggled knowingly. "And needs," Myrtle said. "Which you must fulfill." She remained stable in her current form, but Harry found himself tempted to not take his eyes off her from now on.

Harry swallowed. "How do you, umm, fulfill a castle?"

"It's too early for that," Daphne said, waving her hand dismissively. Harry's eyes followed the waggle of her long, pointed nails, which tipped her delicate fingers. "First things first."

"Hogwart! This is your new master!" Myrtle shouted, pressing her hands to her mouth to amplify her ghostly voice. "Obey him!" It was not a sweet sound; more like a banshee's scream that made Harry grimace in pain. Even Daphne raised an unpleasant eyebrow and made an apologetic clicking sound with her tongue.

Harry's face twisted in discomfort, his fists clenched on his ears with growing anticipation of whatever was about to happen.

"Tell her to open the way for you," Daphne said after the screaming echo had died down.

He nodded. "Umm. Hogwart!" Harry shouted, his ears still ringing - "Please, open the way, or whatever!"

The corridor turned and shrank until it was much more bearable to look at, stretching for dozens of feet until it ended in a single door that looked similar to the one that led to it.

"This corridor, middle one, leads to our bedrooms," Daphne said, winking. Harry felt her finger lightly brush his hand as she spoke, as if hinting that there was an open invitation for him to explore her chambers whenever he wished. He felt his skin crawl with excitement at the thought of possessing this vampiric beauty.

"The door in your room on the left leads to the ground floor, where you'll find the main hall, throne room, kitchen, dining room, and courtyard exit," Myrtle continued. "And more!"

"And the door on the right?" Harry asked.

"That leads you to your bathroom," Myrtle chuckled. "And the stairs in the corner will lead you to Hogwart." Harry scratched his head in embarrassment. "Lead me to my castle? But I am in the castle."

"They lead to her core," Daphne said. "Master, we cannot follow you there. It will be up to you whether you meet with Hogwart, but I recommend waiting until you prove yourself."

He grimaced. "How do I prove myself in the castle?"

"First, you need the Castle Keeper skill," Myrtle said. "This will allow you to make changes at your discretion and build relationships with Hogwart. To achieve this, we have a few options." The apparition looked at Daphne somewhat bashfully, as if hoping the vampire would take on the duty of explaining things more clearly.

Daphne sighed as she stepped forward. "You must create a Bonding Contract with a monster girl tied to the castle, or bring a new monster girl here who will be bound to Hogwart. When either of these things is done, you will receive the Caretaker Level, which gives you certain powers."

"But you probably already have some," Myrtle quickly added, inspecting him and sending shivers down his spine as she passed through him, examining him from front to back, inside and out, and from head to toe.

"That's a bit invasive," Harry noted as she nudged her head into his stomach. She hastily retreated, to her credit.

"I'm so sorry! Oh my god! Master, please forgive me!" She looked mortified.

"It's okay," he said, laughing at her. He looked down the corridor at the girls' bedroom door. "And what powers do you think I have, based on your little check?" he asked. "I don't know," shrugged Myrtle in response to Harry's question. "Look at your forearm and press your index finger against it, as if you were tapping a button." Harry blinked at the strange and sudden instruction, but followed the ghost's lead. He raised his left arm and looked at it, then pressed his right index finger down onto his left forearm as if tapping a phone screen. He didn't feel any click, but something registered, and soon tiny words were flashing on his body.

Name: Harry Potter

Class: Castle Keeper, Level 0

Bloodline: Perevell

Stats: Body B+, Mind A-, Soul C+

Abilities: Rope of Restraint, Perevell's Hex, Wand Magic Level B (locked)

Excitedly, Myrtle asked Harry about his powers, and he replied that he had Rope of Restraint and Perevell's Hex, with his wand magic locked. Daphne and Myrtle were both ecstatic and eager to see what Harry could do. Daphne even lifted off the floor in excitement and announced that Harry was their salvation.

However, Harry was still skeptical and asked how he could use these powers. Daphne shrugged and said it was intuitive, but they should save it for later. She suggested testing the Rope of Restraint with him. Harry chuckled and looked at the stairs, wondering what lay ahead. He asked what they should do next.

Myrtle became shy and serious, explaining that they would continue the tour, and Harry would have to earn his first level. Daphne blushed and explained that there were a few ways to do that, including forming a Bond Contract with them or bringing a new monster girl to Hogwarts. Harry decided on something related to bonding and suggested playing cards and drinking.

Daphne chuckled and explained that forming a Bond Contract was not as simple as that. Harry would have to, as she put it, perform a vulgar hand gesture simulating sexual intercourse with them or the monsters. Myrtle added wet, slapping sound effects to emphasize her point.

Harry blinked in shock and asked if he had to do something terrible. Daphne reassured him that it was not terrible, but he would have to be willing to engage in sexual activity to form a Bond Contract. Harry couldn't help but glance up and down at both of them, taking a moment to appreciate their full figures for the first time. Myrtle was now in her semi-corporeal form, with long dark hair that hung down to her waist and black, dripping eyes. Her summer dress on thin straps was perfectly white but covered in blood and wet, reaching just above the knee. Myrtle's skin was even whiter than her dress, and a black ribbon cinched tightly around her waist emphasized her curves. Despite not being particularly busty, her moist dress clung to her breasts so tightly that Harry could see her nipples were erect. Harry thought to himself that fucking her would be like fucking a barely legal and sexy version of the girl from "The Ring."

Harry had already seen Daphne partially naked before, and he could vouch for her appeal. She wore a skimpy black tank top with the words "I'm dead" and an inverted cross written in white text. Her shorts were short enough to pass for panties, revealing her smooth, sexy legs. Harry didn't remember her looking that sexy back when he first knew her, and he wondered if vampires mature or if she stopped aging at the age of seventeen. However, her figure had been hidden by Hogwarts robes, and he wondered what else he had missed.

Daphne delicately asked Harry if he was interested in forming a Bond Contract with them, licking her lips suggestively and allowing her tongue to linger on her fang. Harry's throat suddenly went dry as he processed the new information. He stuttered and stumbled over his words, trying to express himself.

"It's... alright if you need time to think about it," Myrtle said calmly.

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