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Interplane ch1

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If you would like to read the next chapters faster, see exclusive content, or support my work, please visit In his loneliness and pain, Harry sought solace in alcohol. It seemed to be the only thing capable of drowning out the suffering that poisoned his body and soul. This irritating liquid, while providing temporary relief, also accelerated his downfall. With each sip, alcohol deepened his trauma and isolation. Falling into an alcoholic stupor led him to the depths of despair.

The gray, rainy sky above Nocturne Street was unbearably sad. The clouds blocking the sun seemed to be an emanation of Harry's dark thoughts that consumed him. The wind weaving between the buildings carried with it the cold and dampness that penetrated his bones. The puddles surrounding him at every step reminded him of the sea of misery that seemed to engulf his life.

In this bleak reality, Harry realized that he was too destroyed to continue living. He decided that he had to end this suffering. He wanted to use his wand, but he knew it would not be possible - the wand refused to cast a spell on its own owner. Then he remembered the Muggle way.

Harry left his place on the cold, wet street, getting up from an old newspaper. On the first yellowed page, there was an article about an event that was changing the entire magical world:

"Spain: Muggle Discovery of the Magical World Leads to Purges, Threats of War, and the Rebirth of the Inquisition!"

Recent reports from Spain suggest that the Muggle discovery of the magical world has caused a wave of unrest and conflicts that are reaching their tragic climax. Shocking reports speak of purges among wizards who have been accused of collaborating with Muggles and betraying their world.

The Spanish Ministry of Magic, faced with the growing threat from Muggles, is preparing for a potential war. Thousands of wizards are being mobilized, and intensive combat training has been introduced in magical schools. The atmosphere of fear and mistrust towards Muggles has reached a dangerous level.

Disturbingly, it seems that the Spanish government is not indifferent to these events. Sources report on secret funding and support for the revival of the Inquisition, which aims to destroy the magical community. The rulers are unaware that opposing the world of magic can have catastrophic consequences for both sides.

Sources from within the Spanish magical community suggest that the rulers are determined to defend their world at all costs. Disturbing reports indicate that the scale of the conflict may quickly go beyond the borders of Spain, threatening the entire magical world. Now the question is: is Harry ready for such a war? Or should he unite forces to avoid further conflict between their worlds?

Harry Potter didn't bother to look at the article that had been published a few days ago, despite seeing similar ones everywhere. He made his way slowly towards the abandoned tenement that loomed over the rest of the buildings. The narrow, dark alleys filled with shadows and dirt seemed to intensify his loneliness and despair. The sound of his footsteps mixed with a distant echo that deepened the darkness of the environment. The wind carried the scent of moisture and the passing of time, reminding him of the discomfort that life brought.

As he walked by one of the windows, he caught a glimpse of his tired, gloomy reflection and the dark figure looming behind him. In his once lively eyes, he saw only a terrifying emptiness. The lips that had once smiled with joy and warmth were now twisted in a grimace of pain, devoid of any trace of joy and love that were once his companions. Looking at his reflection, Harry felt both a sense of enlightenment and a terrible sense of doom that engulfed him.

Harry didn't even notice as he kicked the angry face of Hermione's picture on a forgotten page of the Daily Prophet from over a month ago:

"Poland: Fierce Political Disputes in the Wizarding World!"

The Polish Ministry of Magic was struggling to keep the existence of the magical community hidden from Muggles, and the pure-blooded Kaczyński family was accusing a powerful but controversial family of dark wizards led by Donald Tusk of causing problems in their interactions with Muggles. A fierce political dispute had erupted in the country, and both sides were vying for dominance in the Ministry of Magic. Could following the British model of governance, with Hermione Granger at the helm, bring a solution to Poland?

With every step that brought him closer to the abandoned tenement, Harry's resolve seemed to grow stronger. When he reached the door, he looked up at the old building, which seemed to be leading him towards the end of his dark and tragic life. With determination he hadn't felt in a long time, he pushed open the door, letting in the bright light that momentarily blinded him.

Inside, the tenement was dark and damp, and the air was filled with the smell of mustiness and decay. Harry had to brush against damp, moldy walls as he climbed to the higher floors that led him to his destination. On each floor, he heard whispers from the past, from former residents who had long since left the place, leaving only echoes of their existence. Harry Potter could hear the noise from the bar in the neighboring building through the walls. The new Red Star bar was attracting the lowest of the low in the wizarding world, who saw an opportunity to change their fate after an article shook up Magical Britain yet again.

"Russia: Wizards Take Over and Collaborate with Muggles for the Rebirth of the Magical Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!"

Shocking information is emerging from Russia, where wizards have taken over and are intensifying their cooperation with Muggles to revive the socialist power. Under the banner of the Magical Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (MUSSR), the Russian authorities have united with the magical community to build a new, indivisible block.

In one of his recent speeches, a high-ranking representative of the neo-Soviet authorities, Ivan Magikov, rallied "comrades" of Muggles and wizards to fight against the West. Here's an excerpt from his speech:

"Comrades! The time has come for us to throw off the yoke with which the rotten capitalist West and their puppet governments have been oppressing us for years! Let us free ourselves from the shackles of imperialism and envy that suffocate our beloved homeland! Here I summon the working masses of cities and villages, the magical force of the proletariat, to revive our great power, the Magical Union of Socialist Republics! Together we will free our factories, fields, and magical institutions from the hands of oppressors that we have lost to Western domination.

Today, as a unity of Muggles and magic, let us say loudly and clearly: NO! We will not allow the decaying capitalist West to destroy our dreams of a better, more equal world! Together, let us move westward to bring socialist revolution to those who live in ignorance and oppression! It is time to liberate oppressed nations, it is time for revenge!

Comrades! Together, as a unity of magical proletarian forces, we will revive the Magical Union of Socialist Republics! We will cleanse the world of capitalist corruption, using our magical powers to fight oppression and build a new, magical reality where every human and wizard is equal!

Let us unite, comrades, in our struggle! Long live socialism! Long live our magical revolution!"

But there's no need to worry, dear readers! The British Ministry of Magic is vigilant and has the situation under control. Despite troubling reports from Russia, our authorities, under the unwavering leadership of Minister Hermione Granger, have already put remedial measures and plans of action in place to protect our country from potential threats from the East.

Hermione Granger, the heroine of the war against Voldemort, leads our Ministry with extraordinary determination to ensure peace and safety for all witches and wizards in Great Britain. With her capable hands at the helm, our citizens can rest assured that threats will be stopped and our magical community will continue to thrive. It is believed that, together, the magical community can face any challenge and keep Great Britain free from any influences that might threaten their freedom and values. Thanks to the strong, unyielding, and capable leadership of Minister Hermione Granger, the community can rest easy knowing that they are protected.

Finally reaching the roof, Harry felt the wind whipping his face and tugging at his robes, as if beckoning him. Standing on the edge, he looked down at the city, which seemed to shrink in the distance. The past, present, and future merged into one, and the sadness weighing on his heart seemed to be the only thing that existed.

He took a deep breath, trying to gather the strength for one final move that would end his life. In that moment, his gaze fell upon a newspaper that flew past him: "Revealing another magical community to Muggles: a new era of cooperation!"

In recent days, Muggles have discovered another hidden magical community in the heart of London. Thanks to the efficient intervention of the Ministry of Magic, led by Hermione Granger, the situation was quickly brought under control, and the residents of this community were relocated to specially created magical ghettos. Members of the Ministry of Magic are in constant contact with representatives of the Muggle government, trying to solve this crisis and cooperate for mutual benefit.

As part of the new policy of openness, the Muggle government, in collaboration with Minister Hermione Granger, is restructuring the property of pure-blood families to ensure a fair distribution of resources in their society. Special units are confiscating books containing knowledge not commonly held by the Ministry of Magic, contributing to increased security and transparency in the magical world.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is also undergoing changes. Muggle forces are working with the school's staff to introduce modern teaching methods and adapt the curriculum to Muggle standards. The personnel changes and innovations being introduced at Hogwarts are further evidence that the Ministry of Magic, under the leadership of Hermione Granger, is pursuing openness and cooperation with Muggles.

Efforts are also underway to make Diagon Alley accessible to Muggles, which could open up new possibilities for cooperation and mutual understanding. All of this proves that under the leadership of Hermione Granger, the magical community is moving towards openness, equality, and cooperation with Muggles. Thanks to their strong, unyielding, and capable leadership, the community can enter a new and groundbreaking era.

The last moment was approaching - Harry gathered all his strength to free himself from the unimaginable pain. When he was ready, a huge flash lit up the sky, and then darkness fell. All that remained was a feeling of emptiness that seemed to engulf every particle of his being, plunging him into a darkness that replaced the world he knew. Harry Potter woke up entangled in crimson satin sheets that seemed to surround him like a deep, bloody mist. The soft material was definitely too luxurious to belong to him - it felt like it had been torn straight from the chamber of some queen. It made Harry feel like an intruder in someone else's overwhelming wealth palace.

The room itself was a complete mystery to him, standing out from the severity of his usual surroundings like a fairy tale court. Mahogany bedposts rose majestically upwards, almost reaching the ceiling, like pillars bearing the weight of aristocratic decorations. They formed a canopy, the curtains of which were as red as the bedding, interwoven like a wedding veil. The wooden structure's details were intricately carved, and each post was adorned with golden finishes, shining like rays of sunlight on morning dew. When he managed to change position to sitting, the softness of the throw in his hands almost annoyed him, feeling these exclusive materials were unsuitable for his ordinary life.

"Fuck, where am I?" Harry coughed, rubbing sleep from his eyes. His voice echoed off the high, decorated walls, which seemed even more mysterious than before. He couldn't even reach for his wand - magic stopped listening to him over a year ago, and now he felt as helpless as never before. His nostrils flared, taking in the scents of this strange environment. Herbal sachets were tied to each of the bedposts, which he noticed with his green eyes just before he sensed them with his sensitive nose. They hung in small, black, mesh bags made from the same mesh as the curtains that surrounded the canopy.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," said a tall, gruff voice, shaking Harry fully. The sound made the boy freeze suddenly in motion, uncertain of what to expect. He turned his head to see the girl emerging from the bed next to him, as if she were an enchanted creature who had just received life. She reminded him of someone, but he couldn't connect her appearance to anyone he remembered. There was something enigmatic about her face, something that attracted his curiosity, and at the same time, it caused anxiety. Her eyes were still closed as she rubbed them gently, rousing herself awake. She had silky, lustrous hair that fell almost to her shoulders, its color seeming to shift depending on the light, creating an aura of mystery. Her skin was pale - eerily pale, paler than any woman he had ever known. He could faintly see blue veins beneath her skin, but its overall hue was crystalline and smooth as tempered glass. The skin appeared almost translucent, like a pearlescent opal that scattered light into ethereal, subtle rainbows.

Her attractive, button-like nose tapered to a slight point, with plush, crimson lips just below it. Harry wondered if the woman next to him put on lipstick before bed or if her lips were naturally that red. Her lips looked as if they were coated in velvety lipstick of a deep shade that maintained its pristine appearance throughout the night. This color contrasted with her pale face, which seemed to glow with a moonlit pallor, adding to her incredible charm.

The moment she opened her eyes, Harry immediately understood that she was unlike anything he had ever encountered, yet was drawn to her like a magnet. Most creatures in the world have white sclera in their eyes - certainly everything that resembles humans. However, the woman's eyes next to Harry were black as coal, with irises as red as her sensually-looking lips. They were like enchanting windows to her soul, which seemed to cast a mesmerizing spell on anyone who looked into them. Her eyes were like two rubies set in black onyx, plunging into the depths of an unfathomable mystery that he longed to examine closely, succumbing to fascination.

Harry's reaction was surprised but also intrigued, retreating back to distance himself from her yet unable to tear his gaze away. She merely chuckled - a bewitching sound that nearly tempted him back. Her laughter was like music to his ears, a delicate and intriguing melody that echoed through the bedroom. This sound was like a waterfall of silvery bells, tempting him to submit and listen with curiosity. He stared at her, trying to understand what was happening and how he ended up next to her. The woman with shiny hair and pale face seemed to be both beautiful and terrifying, like a dream that inevitably turns into a nightmare. Her sensual curves and naked skin, slightly revealed by a satin strip tied around her hips, made it hard for him to look away. Was this reality, or just a product of his imagination? In her presence, the boundaries between what was real and what wasn't seemed to blur.

"What in my-what?!" Harry exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock. He clutched the sheets behind him as he tried to crawl back, only to fall off the edge of the bed and land on the slate-colored tiles. Under the bed, another pair of eyes greeted him, but these were yellow and reminded him of a cat's glowing eyes in the dark. "Holy shit," he grunted, surprised as he got back on his feet just in time to see the bedsheet slipping off the so-called vampire girl's body as she stretched awake. She was naked under that sheet, her supple breasts suddenly exposed to him.

Her perfect, round and heavy bust seemed to draw Harry's eyes like a magnet, and every sensual curve of her body put him in a hypnotic state. For a moment, he watched as her pierced nipples hardened almost instantly when meeting the cool air of the bedroom. Her body was a work of art, and the firm buttocks, delicate hip curves, and long, slender legs made his heart race, and desire burned in him like fire. Her naked skin, silky smooth and milky white, made him yearn for her touch, and he longed to taste her body.

Before he could react, the girl made a swift move and stood in front of him, her eyes piercing him like a hungry predator. Then she smiled - a sensual, predatory smile that made Harry's heart beat even faster. Her hands began to roam over her own body, gently caressing her breasts, moving lower and lower with a slight tremble that betrayed her heightened desire.

Her body was a work of art, and the firm buttocks, delicate hip curves, and long, slender legs made his heart race, and desire burned in him like fire. Her naked skin, silky smooth and milky white, made him yearn for her touch, and he longed to taste her body. However, he had to suppress those predatory thoughts and force himself to stay alert. Harry shook off the lustful stupor, trying to focus on her dangerous potential and unknown intentions. Her long, black hair fell onto her naked shoulders like silky strands of night, and innocent blue eyes masked the predatory desires hidden deep within her. The incredible sensuality of her presence made his body fight against his better judgment.

As she opened her mouth to let out a gentle yawn, Harry could see that she wasn't bluffing. Two vampire fangs were on full display, and she clearly noticed that he had noticed. To make matters more unsettling, a pair of small, bat-like wings shot out from her back, stretching and flexing. This vampire woman captivated Harry's attention not only with her exceptional beauty, but also with her eccentricities that made her both fascinating and unnerving. It was only then that he noticed her long, pointed, elfin ears, which added to her mysterious appearance. Harry Potter didn't say anything. He just blinked, trying to establish the most probable scenario in his mind as several possibilities emerged. The first was that it was an exceptionally vivid dream, but everything was too real for that to be the case. Besides, since the war, he hadn't had any good dreams, and alcohol only made them too chaotic to understand. Additionally, the last thing he remembered was his suicide attempt. Could someone have found him and given him potions, and this dream was because of them? He quickly dismissed that possibility. After the war, his body was too tired and weak, and any potion stronger than pepper-up caused an attack.

The second possibility was that he had died, and this was some strange afterlife scenario. But he vividly remembered the stop and Dumbledore.

Harry struggled with this. "I'm... Harry Potter," he muttered, testing his voice and mind.

The vampire chuckled. "We know, Master." Master? Thanks to that, Harry found the courage to address her directly. "What am I doing here?"

"You're the new guardian of this castle," she said. "It's your birthright."

" what?" Harry asked, bewildered. "Where is this castle? What town is this? I'm damn sure castles don't look like this in London. Where am I?"

She stroked his hair with her long, black nails. "Shhh..." she said. "The old world is dead to you. So you've arrived at the interplane Nexus."

"Nexus," Harry repeated. Somehow, he felt familiar. "Nexus. Where is that?"

She continued to stroke his hair, and he felt his body relax slightly under her touch. "It's the hub, the center of everything. The place where realities converge, where time and space lose their meaning. It's where you belong now, Master." "A few hundred miles beyond Nexus City, in the Badlands, where Night Creatures lurk," Harry Potter heard the ghost girl say. Her voice was high and excited despite the terrifying shit she just said. Harry was intrigued and asked, "Night Creatures? Please elaborate."

The vampire girl, Daphne, placed her hand on her ample chest and said, "Like us. You should remember me from school; I was in Slytherin. I was turned during the battle of Hogwarts, and I fought on your side." As she spoke without biting him, Harry relaxed a bit. "I was the guardian here until you arrived. And now I'm your guardian."

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