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Harry's firm and rigid broomstick ch.3

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After everything quieted down, Harry was relieved that he let the older girl work her magic. It shouldn't have taken more than a minute or two, but for some reason, the balm needed a full twenty minutes before she felt confident it had been spread evenly. Every second was heavenly on his sore muscles on his back and thighs, where Daphne seemed to be devoting the most time. Her fingertips moved to the inside of his thigh and moved higher and higher, until Rose tilted her head to see what her friend was doing. He kept his head down and forced himself not to move, but if she had looked underneath, the massive bulge would have been obvious. As soon as her fingertips touched his package, the wicked young woman announced that she was done and that he could return her chair. She stood with clenched fists and an expression of pure innocence on her face, her dark eyes remained closed on his crotch as he turned and jumped into the pool. No matter how fast he moved, he still felt her gaze staring at the bulge she had given him, and he wanted to die of embarrassment. It took a good ten laps around the pool before the cold water and distracting thoughts relaxed him enough to let go. Daphne was no longer staring, but she wore a self-satisfied smile that made him shift in his seat, letting the sun dry him off.

His thoughts inevitably turned to Kate, and the warmth he felt turned into a cold emptiness as he thought about their relationship. Kate wasn't so devout before they met, but the group of friends she met at Hogwarts contributed to her new attitude. Peer pressure forced her to take a vow, and being a strong-willed woman, she kept it even when most of her girlfriends stumbled with their boyfriends or at parties. He felt like an idiot just thinking about it, and her girlfriends always quickly slapped the label of a wimp who just wanted to score. In the end, he kept his concerns to himself, and the only thing he had left after the breakup was a stack of grievances that simmered inside.

Rose and Daphne were cooked after an hour and jumped into the pool to cool off. Harry tried to ignore his sister as she stood on the diving board and jumped into the pool, but her graceful arch only emphasized the smooth curves of her body, and he found his shorts getting tighter as he splashed around.

"Come on in, the water is beautiful," Daphne called, waving from the concrete edge.

"I'm good," he said, sitting down to hide the tent in his shorts. "I think I'll head in and shower for practice."

"Mum's going out with her friends tonight, so don't expect me home early," Rose waved as she settled on the inflatable and rolled onto her back. As she did, her tiny black bikini stretched around her massive breasts and round ass, eliciting a groan of protest from him as he retreated inside.

Daphne called out to him, but he ignored her and went in search of a cold shower to clear his mind. He didn't know if his breakup broke his damn insides, but he couldn't remember ever having such a hard time controlling his raging hormones. He was about to step into the icy water in the upstairs bathroom when he noticed the fixation of his desires floating on a raft outside the window.

Her panties were pulled low to avoid tan lines, the same with her bikini top, and his lower lip quivered as he took in the expanse of her tanned body. He knew he would feel guilty about this later, but his hand slipped into his shorts and grasped his hardness as he stared, his mind filling with images of what he would do to her perfect little body. "Knock, knock, need anything-."

"What are you doing?!"

Mortification swept over him as he turned to the door, covering his body with his hands and throwing a shocked look over his shoulder. But Daphne wasn't concerned and grinned mischievously, slipping into the bathroom and firmly closing the door behind her, her fingers finding and turning the lock behind her ass, her dark eyes hungrily watching him.

"You shouldn't be here," he sighed, unable to tell if Rose heard his weird cry when he first entered the room.

Daphne just shook her head as if he said something silly, her widely spaced lips twisting into a sly smile as she peeled herself away from the door.

"What you..."

She cut him off with one finger placed over his lips; the touch sending shivers down his spine.

"You're like an innocent little lamb... and Seline will lead you to the slaughter."

As he frowned in embarrassment, Daphne let out a light laugh and shook her head. "You haven't met my mom yet, but you will, and she will love you. It's been twenty years since there was a potential winner of the golden snitch on the team, and she'll make sure you never want to leave," the finger lightly resting on his lips trailed down his chin as her eyes did the same, and he watched as his sister's friend's lips stretched again into that hungry grin.

He couldn't say for certain what came over him. Maybe it was frustration over Kate and their breakup, or the desire to push it from his memory. It could have been the girl in front of him and her teasing ways that pushed him over the edge. Either way, when he pulled her to him and pressed his mouth to hers, hands grasping her tiny ass and slim hips, he knew it was wrong but couldn't stop.

With an act of willpower, he tore his mouth away from hers and sucked in a ragged breath, apologies for his rough behavior on his lips, but Daphne wouldn't let him. Like a wildcat, her hands grabbed him in claws, pulling him back inside as her pink tongue sought his. With a body as slender as any other, and tense from Pilates, he was eager to explore it with his hands, but Daphne had her own ideas. Leading him back until his calves touched the edge of the tub, she dropped to her knees in front of him. He was too stunned by the events of the last minute to say anything as he watched the beautiful friend of his sister strip off his swim trunks. When his cock flopped free, she swore softly and murmured under her breath.

"I knew I wasn't dreaming... wonderful," his cheeks warmed, but Daphne didn't look up at him, because she leaned forward and pressed her face against his hardness.

"Merlin," he breathed, his eyes widening as he watched her press her hands along his length and drag it over her soft cheek, her mouth fucking the shaft with kisses.

"You were wasted on that bottle blonde," Daphne purred, her dark eyes blazing as she ran her fingers gently up and down his length, her eyes drinking in every detail. "I bet she was scared of that beast... that's why she closed her legs."

"I didn't... Oh God," he could only groan as Daphne wrapped her lips around the head and sucked him into her mouth.

He wasn't ready for the intense pleasure of her fiery mouth, of the teasing tongue that danced around the sensitive head of his cock. He glanced to the side and stiffened as his eyes landed on his sister, sunglasses pulled down and eyes closed, pressed against the window with his face. When their eyes met, a smile appeared at the corners of her mouth and she turned her sunglasses back up before laying her head back down. He was about to look away and focus on the intense sensations at his waist when Rose hooked a thumb under the waistband of her panties and rolled onto her side, giving him a breathtaking view of her pale hips, ass and breasts pushed together.

"You're so hard," Daphne breathed, drawing his gaze down to where she ran her fingers and tongue up and down his length. "I want to fuck you, but the second I saw it, I had to feel it... I had to worship it with my mouth... Jesus, Harry, you're so fucking amazing."

It was a strange feeling to be believed by a young woman. From the way she stared at his muscles and ran her hands over his abs, it was almost a religious experience for her, and he would have enjoyed it as long as possible, but the pleasure it brought was too great. He wasn't an expert on blowjobs, having only received one in his life, but he had seen a lot in porn and Daphne was strangely inexperienced.

With her outgoing attitude and over-the-top clothing choices, he always assumed she was a whore with a lot of experience, but he didn't get that impression, as a warning voice for his impending orgasm.

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