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Enchanted Lust ch.67

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Harry was spent of his seed. He slowly came down from his erotic high. Dang! I can't believe it. That was AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! It was even better than with Narcissa, if such a thing is possible, just 'cos it was with Mom!

Lily though took longer to recover. She just stared at Harry in stunned silence for a minute or more. Cum covered her face and chest, mostly on the face.

As her mind started to function better, she thought, Wow. That was REALLY strange. But not bad. In fact, I kind of liked it. I wonder why my hubby never insisted that I do this to him. Or did he and I was too hung up, with my religious restrictions to agree? But James could never cum that much with his little pecker. My son though, he just keep shooting and shooting and shooting! He must have been really excited. And I made him that way. That makes me feel good!

She clutched at her wedding ring. Am I cheating on James? Narcissa says it's not cheating, but I just don't know. James hasn't been the best of husbands, but I still feel uneasy about doing this behind his back just the same.

Finally she said, "Well, that's that. I guess. What a strange world we live in, with mothers having to do this for their sons. Are you okay, Griffin?"

"I'm more than okay, Mom. You made me feel fantastic."

The sight of his cum-covered busty mother was such a turn on to him that he never really lost his hardness. He was ready to go again nearly instantly.

Only then did she seem to notice all of the cum on her skin. Look at me. I'm covered in this ... white goo. Oooh. Gross! She asked no one in particular, "Oh my. What are we going to do with all of this sticky stuff?"

Then she thought, But really, What's so gross about it? Narcissa's right, I need to get over my hang-ups. What did she call cum? That's right: "A tasty treat and a reward for a job well done." But it would be too unseemly to give any to this a taste. But Narcissa also said that Harry cumming so much and so often is a sign of his great virility. My Griffin could be a real Griffin in bed!

She looked at Harry with a new attitude and a face full of bliss. It struck her that her son was exceptionally sexually potent and talented, a true prize for any woman. She suddenly felt as if the cum all over her was the greatest thing ever. It seemed that she would just smile and gaze into his eyes for eternity.

But then she began examining her chest more closely, running her fingers around and through the cum gobs. She knew that was a bit naughty, but she couldn't help herself.

"Would you just look at me!" she said in a delighted tone. "I'm a complete mess! It's a good thing I took my shirt off."

Some of his cum had landed on her lower lip. She waited until Harry was looking elsewhere (which wasn't hard to do since his eyes were plastered on her chest and all points further down). Then she quickly sucked it into her mouth with her tongue.

Darn it, that IS a tasty treat! She already knew his cum tasted great from a surreptitious taste at Tonks's appointment, but the fresh taste confirmed her opinion and fed her hunger for more. I can't believe I'm saying that about my own son's cum! What have I turned into? Some kind of shameless hussy? But it's just a fact. Why does his spend have to taste so darn good?!

One of her hands found a particularly large gob of cum on her chest, and scooped it up. She put it on the tip of her finger, and then sucked it into her mouth. Her desire was so great that she forgot to make sure Harry wasn't looking.

When she did remember, she looked up to see Harry staring at her finger in her mouth.

Busted! Damn. But the thing is, it's just too delicious to stop. Mmmm.

Harry imagined the finger in her mouth was his penis. It wasn't hard to imagine, given the way she was treating it. She was pushing it in and out of her lips, making audible sucking noises on it as if trying to recover the very last remnants of cum so she could have it all. Even though he'd just cum, he could feel his penis was still rock hard and ready for more.

Lily thought back to Narcissa's cocksucking "instructions" given during their earlier long phone call. While she hadn't sucked him off, Narcissa's advice seemed apt now. "A good cocksucker always swallows. Cum can be very messy, and the best way to clean up is to eat it all up. It's a sign of love to swallow. It's what good mommies do."

Lily was so aroused thinking about Narcissa's words that she couldn't stop herself. Closing her eyes in embarrassment, she said to Harry as she swiped up another gob with a finger, "Griffin, I hope you don't mind, but Narcissa said this is how I'm supposed to clean things up."

She brought the gob up to her lips but held it there and waited for his reaction, half-fearing that he'd call her a freak.

"Mind? I love it! Mom, you're the best!"

With a big sigh of relief, she pushed the cummy finger into her mouth. She found herself rolling it around over her tongue to savor the taste. Mmmm. MMMM! Thank goodness he said that, because this stuff is better than chocolate. Better than ice cream! Heck, it's better than chocolate ice cream, heh-heh. I've heard that cum is supposed to taste bad, but Narcissa was so right that that's just not true. At least not with my cutie Griffin. Mmmm... Such a man...

She closed her eyes and seemed to drift into a mellow ecstasy as she savored it even more.

Harry was already aroused beyond belief as it was, but the sight of his cum all over her tremendous breasts was almost too much for him to take. The added sight of her openly eating some of his cum pushed him even further.

She scooped up even more cum from her chest, smearing her fingers with cum. Then she sucked up another big gob with a loud and nearly orgasmic "Mmmm!"

She noticed that a small gob had landed on her wedding ring, a simple band of gold. But she was off in such a happy erotic la-la land that this only pleased her even more. She purposely and lovingingly licked the ring clean.

Harry thought momentarily that he would faint, but he held his breath and the feeling thankfully passed.

Lily's boobs were so large and so perfectly shaped that her cum-covered chest was a completely different sight to behold than when he splattered Tonks's with her average sized boobs. Lily's chest seemed to Harry like two mighty mountains with a deep valley between them. His cum gobs couldn't keep their altitude on those mountains, and they began streaming down into her valley, especially as more fell down from her face. It occurred to him that her cleavage would be perfectly lubricated with his cum so he could slip his penis into that valley and fuck her there.

"I have no idea what to do with all this stuff," she said to him. "Is this much ... discharge ... normal? Narcissa said that I should eat it all up because, uh, otherwise..."

She tried to remember the reason Narcissa gave and came up blank. (In fact, Narcissa hadn't given any reason and at that time the two of them were too horny to notice or care). So she ad-libbed, "Uh, or else it'll fall and stain the carpet." Her face turned red as she said this, because she was aware it was a pretty thin excuse to do something blatantly obscene. She added, "And I hope Narcissa warned you about the evils of letting your seed spill unto the ground."

Harry didn't know what that meant, but he remembered Narcissa had recently and cryptically used the exact same wording. He guessed it had something to do with making a mess and staining things, though he couldn't figure out why she said "ground" instead of "floor."

Lily loved the taste of Harry's cum so much that she couldn't do anything else but eat more of it. Pretending not to notice that her son was blatantly staring, she soon began devoting her full attention to finding cum gobs with her fingers and sucking them into her mouth.

Before long, she was not only putting the cum into her mouth, she was practically fucking her mouth with her fingers while she was doing it. She was fantasizing about sucking him off. Even as he blatantly stared at her mouth and chest, she was blatantly staring right back at his waving erection. Oooh! Goody! Look at that thing! Sooo big. I wonder how James would feel knowing how much bigger his son's member is. And not just bigger, but superior in every way. That's a penis I want to get to know intimately. My son is a stud! Mmmm. MMMM! More!

She scooped up some more gobs and took her time to enjoy eating them up, one by one. I don't really remember why I'm supposed to eat this up, but I don't care. And as for stroking him, who am I kidding? It wasn't just okay, it wasn't just fun, it was GREAT! I could do that all day. I felt sooo good making him squirm and wiggle and practically burst with joy. And then when he DID burst, with cum, what a rush!

If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

She continued to scoop and lick while Harry just stared. Mmmm. More cum. Yum. This is sooo yummy, but I'll bet it tastes even better coming straight from the source. I've got a naughty little feeling that it won't be many days until I have the real thing inside my jaws and not just a finger. Oooh! That's a nasty thought, heh-heh.

The sight of Lily devouring his cum with such obvious enjoyment and lust again made Harry giddy to the point of nearly passing out. Even so, he was very deliberately not touching his new erection. In fact, he was so turned on that he worried about premature ejaculation already. Dang! I really need to work on my PC muscle exercises so I won't embarrass myself. He had to close his eyes and concentrate on not cumming as best he could.

Finally, Lily ran out of his cum and ended up looking surprisingly clean as a result. She immediately focused her attention on the "source" for more. Using a voice dripping with lust, she said, "Oh, but look at you. Goodness! You're hard again. I forgot to slow down, and got you off too quickly. I'm afraid I forgot to finish our examination. We may just have to do it all over again."

She smiled a wicked smile after saying that. What's happening to me, she thought idly, as if she was on the outside of her body looking in. Why am I acting like this, and why can't I stop? I'm supposed to be acting detached and clinical, but no one warned me how much FUN this is! ... Okay, true, Narcissa did, and in spades, and she is so right! As usual! How I love her. And she said it's perfectly okay to enjoy it. As long as it has to happen, why not have a little fun? Narcissa keeps telling me that too.

"No, it's my fault!" Harry interjected. "I just couldn't hold out. ... You're just too damn sexy! Mom, you're so beautiful. You're too much. It's just amazing. And the way you did the, uh, abnormality check, well... Wow."

"No, you're just saying that," she said dismissively, but secretly she was more pleased by these compliments than she'd been by any other in years. "And you must think your mother is weird, tasting your, uh, discharge, but I don't know what else to do with it. I mean, this is a damn awkward situation, but... Is this okay? Are you sure we should continue?" There was anticipation in her voice.

"Yeah, it's okay," he replied. "It's way more than okay." Lily gave a great and very audible sigh of relief.

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