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Enchanted Lust ch.61

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The following morning, Lily felt quite conflicted. She'd had bizarre nightmares about her kid for the second night in a row. She had dreams both nights that she was Tonks and that she had jacked off and then sucked off Harry's rod. There was also a Lily at the appointment in the dream, and she was watching this other lady, who was nude and brazenly frigging herself.

She had additional nightmares that were similar, such as one in which she saw Narcissa blow her son up. These fantasies appeared extraordinarily vivid, no doubt encouraged by Narcissa's detailed descriptions of her blowjobs with Harry.

Lily was torn between wanting and not wanting to experience such things in real life. Her yearning was intense, but so was her guilt. She wasn't sure how she'd react when she met Harry that morning, but the dreams had piqued her interest. She was clothed in a robe that, to say the least, screamed wickedness.

When Harry walked down for breakfast, he found not only his mother, but also his sister, dressed in robes. Rose was usually so modestly clothed around the home until lately that he had no idea she had a robe. Lily had the most attractive robe of the two thanks to all the clothing she'd stolen from Narcissa. If you looked at it in the correct light, it was semi-transparent. The sash that held their robes closed draped loosely across each of their waists.

Harry was tough even before he walked into the dining room, simply thinking about the possibilities. His dreams were surpassed by reality.

Lily's first response to Harry was that of a broken and unhappy lady. "Griffin, please forgive me, forgive us, for our behavior yesterday at the pool." As you can expect, I was a little tipsy, but that's no excuse. I should have stayed in command. It was my obligation as the mother of this home to ensure that everyone behaved correctly. I don't remember half of what occurred, but I'm sure I did something wrong. You can be certain that nothing like it will ever happen again."

Harry agreed with a shrug and a nod of his head.

But, although her words said one thing, her body and her clothing (or lack thereof) said something quite else. She recalled every detail, and she'd had the time of her life between her drunken high and her passionate desire. She couldn't acknowledge it to herself, but she was attempting to get more things to happen even before Harry went for school.

"For one thing, I remember lying naked," she added. And your hands were all over me, stroking me, touching me... In private areas. Narcissa and Rose were also nude. And you had an impact on all of us. To my humiliation, I simply sat there and watched while you messed with everyone. I'm not sure what occurred, but it's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong!"

Harry just nodded. He was thinking that the way she said it sounded seductive and enticing, rather than like a scolding.

"True, there's nothing inherently wrong with nakedness," she said. After all, you have a significant requirement for visual stimulation, and we're all attempting to assist you. Touching in intimate regions, on the other hand, is an entirely other story. "Don't you think there's no excuse for that?"

Again, Harry could only nod his head. Lily looked to be becoming aroused from her own comments, which almost left Harry speechless.

Lily's robe was sleeveless, so a strap might easily slip off a shoulder and reveal her breast. There was a zipper in front, but by the time Lily moved over to the breakfast table to give both her children breakfast, the zipper had gone undone down beyond her belly button, and Harry had no idea how. The robe was so open that one of her nipples was hanging out simply standing there.

She moved as if she were in a dream and someone else was in control.

Harry was certain that the mere sight of his mother would cause his hard-on to explode, splattering sperm all over the room. He idly pondered whether the robe would slip off completely if both straps came off at the same time.

But Rose didn't want her mother to be the center of attention. "Mom, it appears that your robe is coming undone," she observed.

"Oh, you're correct! Thanks!" Lily returned to the kitchen, closing her robe. She didn't zip the front up again, so it opened straight back up as soon as she pulled her hands away from it.

The situation's paradoxes were ignored ÔÇö Lily pretended to be apprehensive about exposing herself only minutes after stating that nudity was OK to aid with the "visual stimulation." Both of them were mostly behaving out of habit.

Rose took advantage of Harry's focus on Lily by secretly enlarging the opening at the top of her own robe. Still, she was at a disadvantage in comparison to her mother since all she could do was sit and eat breakfast, while Lily was constantly moving about and leaning over the dinner table. Rose's competition was made much more difficult by the fact that Lily's gown was semi-transparent.

As a result, Harry would fix his gaze on his sister's chest or his mother's body farther away. But whenever Lily returned to the dining table for whatever reason, he would concentrate his whole concentration on the sight of his mother bending down and swinging her boobs in front of his eyes.

There was an unspoken and developing rivalry between the two ladies. Rose began opening her robe more and more, until none of her nipples were covered.

Lily leaned in closer to Harry, offering him a bottle of molasses, the salt shaker off the table - any opportunity to torment him again. Her enormous mammaries were hardly contained in her robe even while she was standing, and her boobs now fully spilled out whenever she leaned close to him.

Finally, both of his mother's straps came undone at the same time, but she maintained the robe in place by pushing her arms to her sides. The sash was also undone. She grudgingly reattached the straps so she could walk away without the robe falling to her feet. She smiled as she walked away, since she was now in a mental state where her guilt was turned off and she could simply enjoy herself.

Griffin is so HARD for me today, she thought. He's not even attempting to conceal the massive penis-shaped bulge in his shorts. I hope I can assist him in having a satisfying climax, albeit it's unfortunate that he spilled his sperm on the ground. What if I take off my robe and give him my face and chest? If he cums all over me, would it qualify as touching? As a mother, it's basically my RESPONSIBILITY to keep him from sin and ensure that all his filth settles on my skin!

Both ladies continued to tell the other that their robes were falling open to thwart the competition, but since it was difficult to do so when your own robe was open, they moved to moaning about how badly built the robes were.

"Sorry Griffin, I'm not sure what's up with this robe, but it just won't stay closed," Lily grumbled as she headed back to the table. She made no pretense of covering herself any more, and marched up to him bare-chested. "I hope you don't mind if I show you this old cow."

"An old cow?" Mom, you're amazing! I'm sure you're the hottest mother in the school."

"Oh, poo. That's all you're saying." "Would you like your mother to give you some milk?" she said sweetly as she stooped down to pour him some more milk.

It took all he had not to lean forward and suck on the breast hanging inches from his face.

She rose up, secretly delighted at the prospect of nursing her kid. "Oh my," she said, staring down at her breast and re-tying her robe. "I hope you weren't staring at my chest, because that would be extremely impolite." "I have no idea how to put on Narcissa's robe."

"Yeah, it's like, why do they bother with these sashes, they're so useless," Rose said, revealing her whole breast. "It appears that you need to fix yours again, Mom."

Lily's tits had fallen out of her robe again in less than five seconds. Lily grinned at her daughter in friendly competition before closing her robe once more.

Because Rose was seated across from Harry, he couldn't see what was going on below her waist. He was curious about how open her robe was down below.

But once he completed his lunch, Lily sat down next to him to eat her own. Her robe slipped fully open as she sat, revealing her pussy to him. His gaze rose to her face, lingering on her naked breast on the way.

She grinned at him, well aware of what he was looking at. She even urged him to keep staring at her pussy with her eyes.

Harry didn't have time to halt the surge of orgasmic release that was welling up inside him. His penis started ejaculating into his underpants without any assistance from his hands. He put his hands to his crotch and discreetly whimpered, hoping without hope that the enormous "O" shape he'd created with his astonished face didn't reveal what had just occurred.

But everyone was aware. Rose was irritated once again that Lily could get away with things that she couldn't.

"Did you have a good breakfast?" Lily questioned Harry innocently, trying hard not to smile. She seemed to be aware of what had just occurred in his crotch. Now that she didn't have an erection to stay firm, she closed her robe almost all the way.

"Um, okay. "It was excellent," he said as blandly as he could. He was too overwhelmed to think clearly.

"Well, then, you'd better get up and take a shower," she remarked, her face solemn. "You have fifteen minutes to get out the door."

Harry had entirely forgotten about his need to attend school. The awful thought struck him like a chilly shower.

Lily and Rose both looked at him, waiting for him to rise up.

Harry realized he couldn't because of the humiliating and big wet spot that had developed on the front of his shorts.

They were fully aware of the situation, which is why they wanted to see him rise.

Lily thought that the necessity to clean the wet shorts would be an opportunity to get him out of his shorts entirely. She had fantasies of stroking his penis through his shorts to "clean" them of the stain he'd left.

With time running out, Harry said, "Doesn't Rose have to take a shower as well?" "I suppose she does," Lily said grudgingly. "Rose?"

Rose lied, "I already took mine." "But I think it's very important that Brother take his now," she chuckled eagerly. She was eager to see Harry get up.

They sat there with their robes totally open again, both above and below their sashes.

He was hit with a flash of inspiration. "I could use another muffin, Mom."

Rose chimed in. "Oh, do you? So you want to fill your face with a muffin and you want your mum to feed you one. Interesting." She laughed again.

"Sure thing, Griffin," Lily said. "I'm not sure what the big deal is about a muffin, Angel."

Rose's sexual allusion with the term muffin, like most sexual innuendo, passed Lily by. It was one of the costs of being protected from all things sexual her whole life. She stood up and went to the kitchen.

Harry, recognizing his opportunity, pushed his chair aside and hurried passed his mother, who was still heading to the kitchen. He dashed up to his room.

Both ladies were sad that he had fled, but they ignored it.

Lily went to Rose after Harry had left the kitchen and whispered, "Angel, a little visual teasing can help Harry with his problem." To be honest, I'm afraid that you're assisting too enthusiastically, but I guess it can't be avoided. But under no circumstances should you touch him or allow him to touch you. "Does that make sense?"

"Yes, mom," Rose said, lowering her head.

"Good. We must set hard limits or we will all fall into sin. To be honest, I'm amazed at what's happened to you!" Lily reacted angrily and hypocritically.

Rose also let this slip. She could have nailed that hypocrisy, but she didn't want to inhibit Lily's sexual awakening in any way since she knew Lily would be tougher about sexual norms for everyone if she did.

Now that Harry was gone, the two of them didn't seem to have any trouble keeping their robes closed.

In the shower a few minutes later, Harry started masturbating to the erotic pictures of his mother and sister in robes (and out of them) that were filling his mind.

But before he could finish his thought, his sister knocked on the restroom door and said, "You're late. "You have one minute to get out of there and out the front door, according to Mom."

Harry walked out of the shower feeling irritated, ashamed, and aroused.

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