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Enchanted Lust ch.60

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When the deed was done, he was gripped by an all-consuming urge to embrace Narcissa, to clasp her in his arms and smother her with kisses for eternity. But she had drawn the line at a blowjob, refusing even a simple hug. She held the reins, dictating their every move, and all Harry could do was comply. He wasn't one to overstep his bounds or push his luck.

Now they sat on the floor, leaning against the bed, side by side.

Narcissa reflected, Fuck, it's all true. Those were the days, shootin' the shit about my flings with my best mate. I swear, I probably got more kicks from spillin' the beans about my trysts and watchin' her curvy body squirm than from the actual fuckin' affairs. And that whole tradition sparked my five times a day plan in the first place. I saw what a horny creature she was, and it tore me up inside knowin' she didn't even rub one out. I feel like shit lyin' to her and pullin' the wool over her eyes, but I can't feel too guilty 'cause I know better than anyone how bad she was sexually sufferin'.

Switchin' her focus to Harry, she remarked, "So that's numbers four and five. We've still got one more tasty load of spunk left. But it's better to be a woman."

"What d'ya mean?"

"Guys are so fuckin' limited in the number of orgasms they can handle. But not women. I just came five times during those two songs alone."

"You did? I didn't even notice."

"You will. Trust me, by the time I'm done with you, you'll know every fuckin' thing there is to know about the female body. ... Actually, scratch that, 'cause I don't plan to ever be done with you. I'm gonna be your special cocksucker for life, if you'll have me."

He yearned to kiss her again. Lust was morphing into love - he felt himself tumbling headlong into infatuation with this incredible older woman. He already loved her as a person, and now he was enamored with her body as well. He reached out for her with both arms.

But she still denied him the embrace. Gently, she returned his arms to their original position. "Remember," she teased, "cocksucking's allowed, but no kissin'."

"Why?" he asked, genuinely puzzled.

"'Cause the goal's your five times a day, Sweetie. You don't wanna make me all fuckin' lovestruck over you with your undeniably top-notch and passionate smoochin', do you?"

Harry didn't know what to say. He stumbled on "Ummm..."

She went on, "Well then, as long as you respect my boundaries, I guess a little cuddle won't hurt."

Grateful, Harry leaned against her and wrapped his arms around her. He was on cloud fucking nine.

She laid her head on his shoulder and let out a deep, satisfied sigh. "Sweetie, I'm glad you know now that I've fucked around a lot. After all, there ain't many secrets between the four of us. Five really, with Adresteia, even though we don't tell her everythin'. But this is different than any affair or relationship I've had before. Those days are fuckin' done. With you, I feel so different. I don't want it to stop. I really hope we can keep doin' this forever and ever."

"I do too." He ran his hands through her long, white hair. He loved how it felt silky smooth.

They stayed like that for about half an hour, chattin' and enjoyin' each other's company in a (mostly) non-erotic cuddle.

After a break in the conversation, she checked her watch and groaned with annoyance.

"What is it?" he asked. He was in the middle of massagin' her neck and shoulders just like she'd done to him earlier. The difference was they were both butt-naked.

"Well, my hubby is..." She stopped herself and laughed. "Remember him? I barely do. Anyway, my hubby's probably expectin' me. It's late. I wish I could stay here like this for hours, but I should get goin'." She stood up and started puttin' her clothes back on.

Harry suddenly felt a pang of sadness that she was leavin'. He shuddered at the mention of her husband Lucius. In recent days, he really had nearly forgotten she was married. Then he thought, Not to mention my mom! She's married too. I can't believe I'm forgettin' my own dad. Talk about a shitty parent if he leaves such a weak impression on his kids. It really is like I've never had a dad at all. He's like some distant relative who shows up for Christmas or Easter sometimes.

Narcissa stood at the door, but then said somethin' to snap him out of his gloomy thoughts about adultery. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she said, "Hold up. I almost forgot somethin'. Before I go, we still got that fuckin' five time to take care of." She walked back toward him. "You can't get rid of me that easily, mister! Drop those pants already!"

Harry's good mood instantly returned, and all thoughts of deadbeat dads vanished. He was still naked and had no pants to drop.

She walked right past him and lay down on his bed. She said wickedly, "Before we get to some more cocksuckin', maybe I'll just catch forty winks first to recover my strength. You're gonna wear out my jaw. I should hope you don't try anythin' while I sleep." She winked, then closed her eyes.Harry grasped the filthy implication. If she pretended to be "asleep," he could indulge in acts she might otherwise forbid. And the notion of taking advantage of her while she slumbered was undeniably titillating. He mounted her and straddled her.

She feigned sleep and even made exaggerated snoring noises, causing them both to chuckle. Despite her laughter, she kept her eyes and mouth shut.

Narcissa wasn't fully dressed, but she had a blouse, skirt, and underwear on.

Harry began undoing her blouse, one button at a time. She fell silent.

It felt like he was committing a filthy act upon a sleeping woman, which aroused him immensely. He struggled with her bra but managed to remove it without "waking her" by carefully lifting her up.

Now he could freely explore her breasts. Tentatively, he touched them, and she didn't object.

She continued to feign deep sleep.

Soon, he was eagerly fondling her pale mounds. Her soft moans emerged as he pinched and pulled her nipples, then he did something he'd always wanted: he took a nipple in his mouth and bit it.

Her moans grew louder with pleasure.

He alternated between sucking and nibbling on one breast while groping the other.

His excitement grew as he wondered how far she would let him go. Unsure of his own limits, he moved down her body and placed a hand on her skirt. That's when the spell broke.

Her eyes opened, she sat up, and pushed his hand away.

"Harry, what do you think you're doing?" she feigned outrage playfully. "I'm shocked. Shocked!" But her demeanor remained light.

Harry chuckled at the Casablanca reference.

"How did I lose my bra? Were you trying to undress me while I was sleeping?" she inquired, feigning ignorance. "What were you planning on doing to me? Were you thinking of - oh my God, you weren't going to rape me in my sleep, were you? Bad Harry!" She playfully slapped him, imitating Lily's drunken voice, "Sho wery impwoper!"

Their laughter grew, and Harry recalled his earlier fantasy of screwing his mother by the pool, fueling his lust even further.

"I think you need to be punished. Severely. Forty lashes! Forty lashes of my tongue around your pecker!" She lay down on the bed with her head between his outstretched legs and sucked him off like she'd already done twice earlier.

But maddeningly for him, she took delight in repeatedly stopping and talking to him. She really wanted to prolong his joy this time.

"You see what I mean?" she asked as she paused with his penis in her hand. "You see what I mean about today at the pool?"

"No. What?"

"What I was saying before about how your mom and your sister both have the hots for you. They're both so hot for your cock that it's not even funny." She went back to licking his shaft.

After a minute of silence from him she stopped long enough to say, "Aha! You don't deny it!"

Harry really couldn't deny that fact any more, but it troubled him. "But Narcissa, isn't that wrong? I don't know what the hell the doctor and nurse are thinking with their suggestions and their whole treatment idea, for that matter. It's wrong for them to touch my penis. That's incest!"

She stopped licking again. "Harry, Harry, Harry," she said, as if she was losing patience with his ignorance. "That's not incest. Incest is intercourse. A blowjob or handjob is not a big deal; it's just a fun little thing. I know one mother with a hyperactive teenaged son. Whenever he gets too wild, she's found that if she gives him a blowjob he calms right down. It's not like they're sleeping with each other - that would be wrong."

Harry was very skeptical. "I don't know Narcissa. This is all too weird for me." He let the topic drop.

She returned to her cocksucking duties, and took him deeper and deeper. Right as she had him on the edge of a great climax, she stopped again.

"What the fuck is it this time?" he yelled, pissed off.

"Promise me one thing." She flicked her tongue over his cockhead a few times, drivin' him half-crazy with desire.

"What? What the fuck is it?!"

"Promise me you won't forget about me tomorrow." She swallowed him again and resumed her deep suckin'.

He moaned loudly, both from the pleasure she was givin' and her fuckin' cryptic remarks. He wanted to hold out till he came before continuin' the conversation, but after just a few moments, he had to ask, "What? What's gonna happen tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow's a Tuesday, and you know what that means," she said, and went back to suckin'. She was lovin' his frustration, but in a playful way, not with malice.

"Arrgh! What the fuck does that mean?"

She stopped again, and lightly rubbed the sensitive spot of his dick with her fingers to keep him buildin' to a climax during a longer pause. "Don't you remember? Tuesday's the day the nurse said you need a fuckin' abnormality check of your dick. Whatever the hell that means. Apparently, it's up to your mom to give you one. Remember to keep tellin' her I got shitty eyesight, by the way. She's already pretty much told the rest of us to fuck off for the whole day. So I'm just askin': tomorrow when she's the one suckin' you off, don't completely forget about me, okay? I'll be back for you with my eager tongue on Wednesday."

"Arrgh!" he cried out again. "Don't fuckin' say that! You can't be serious!" She resumed suckin' him, and this time he couldn't hold out any longer. He shot deep into her mouth. He was so fuckin' turned on that he grabbed the back of her head and thrust his cock forcefully into her. She just took him in deeper and deeper till his pubes tickled her chin. She sucked in all he could shoot out as if her mouth was a bottomless vacuum.

As he shot his ropes of jizz into the back of her throat, he thought about what she'd said. Could she really mean it? My mom? Touchin' my dick tomorrow? No! It can't be! Oh fuck, feels so good!

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