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Enchanted Lust ch.56

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Narcissa took some more steps towards the pool, headed right into it. But rather than just jump in, she made a dramatic dive from the side of the pool.

Harry was stunned at the grace and beauty of her body arcing through the air. That made him want to cum. Everything now made him want to cum, need to cum.

After she surfaced, she said to him, "You must be hot, Sweetie, so jump right in!" So he did. He figured it could only cool him down, in more ways than one.

But only a minute or two after he jumped into the pool again, he found himself in water that came up to his chest, with the nearly as tall Narcissa standing right in front of him, eyeing him. She silently worked her way towards him with a deadly serious glare, like a Griffin quietly stalking its prey.

He backed up away from her naked body, until he backed right into the pool's side wall.

She kept coming towards him, and finally pinned him to the wall, putting her arms on the rim of the pool on each side of him.

Harry felt like she was the predator and he was the prey. He instinctively tried to duck down to get away from under her arms, but she kept coming forward and smothered her tits into his chest as she embraced him. He gave up trying to escape and stood back up.

One of her hands reached down to his swimsuit and went inside. She put her head right next to his and whispered, "Don't worry, let Aunt Cissy take care of you. She wants to make you happy. Very happy. She loves you very much."

Her exploring hand quickly found his hard-on and grasped it tightly.

Harry was ready to panic. He looked over at Rose, who was looking right back at him.

Narcissa finally spoke out loud, though still using a quiet voice so Lily wouldn't wake up. "How are you holding up, Harry?" she said teasingly as she began stroking his erection underwater. "How are things hanging?" There was a heavy emphasis on the word "hanging" as she subtly lowered her voice to a gentle and seductive whisper in his ear. "It's about time for one of your daily fuckin' stimulations, isn't it?"

"Um... Yeah... Well, uh..." He was struck dumb by her beauty, not the mention the danger of the situation. He looked over at Lily and saw her eyes were still closed. He looked at Rose again. Does Sis know what Aunt Cissy is doing to me? She must at least guess.

However, he held his tongue. He didn't want to say or do anything that would draw the attention of Rose or Lily in his direction. The one good thing about his position was that he was on the same side of the pool as the lawn chairs. So that meant that the very fact Rose and Lily were so close made it impossible for them to see much more than the heads of Narcissa and himself.

Narcissa started to stroke his erection in earnest. At the same time she said, and not too quietly, "Rose knows. Your sister knows I'm jacking you off. I'm stroking your cock!"

Harry finally lost it. His body seemed to crumble as he shot off into Narcissa's hand, but she hugged him tighter and held him up. Rope after rope of cum squirted into the water, dissolving into nothingness. Some of the bigger strands stayed together and floated away.

Harry wasn't sure if he'd passed out or not, but the next thing he knew he was still in the pool, still being hugged by Narcissa. But his breath was fairly calm and his mind was more at ease.

Narcissa knew how overcome he must have been, so she simply held him in a tender embrace for the longest time. The fact that she was naked and his swimsuit had somehow floated off didn't matter because Narcissa was there to support, not to arouse.

But after a while, the both of them grew more aware that they were naked and in an intimate embrace.

Harry felt so satisfied that it seemed to him he'd never need to cum again in his life. But as he rested there without speaking in Narcissa's arms, with her heavy breasts pressing into him, he found his penis rising again.

Narcissa could feel it rising up her thigh as it filled with blood, seemingly heading the short distance towards her pussy lips with a purpose. Her nipples grew erect at the same time and she whispered, "Am I under attack by a mini-submarine or are you just happy to see me?"

Harry laughed, and then said, "I'm happy to see you. VERY happy to see you. Aunt Cissy, you mean so much to me."

"Oh Sweetie!" She leaned her head forward and tilted it, closing in for a kiss. But at the last minute she remembered she wasn't supposed to do that. She ended up merely kissing him on the nose. To make up for it, she ran her tongue along his cheek to his ear and licked all over his fuckin' ear.

Harry was surprised just how pleasurable that was. His erection was inspired to reach full length just as Narcissa grasped it.

She brought to hands to it so she could really go to town under the water, but Harry kept his arms around her so the hug didn't end.

They both looked over to Lily to see if she was awake yet. She was, though she still seemed kind of out of it. Then they looked to Rose to see if she was looking at them. She was, and with a smirk on her face no less.

As Narcissa stroked, she started carrying on a conversation to make it look like they were closely facing each other just to converse. She said in a reasonably loud voice, "So, Sweetie, I've been thinking about your stimulation problem."

Needless to say, she purposely picked a topic that would further fluster and arouse him. "I've been thinking about different ways the three of us could better inspire you to reach your daily targets."

"I think you're doing a great job," he replied while nodding down to where her hands were busy sliding up and down his shaft.

She smiled. "Oh do you? Did you hear that, Lily? He says that I'm doing a great hand. Job. I mean job. Great job!" She laughed. She'd misspoken on purpose, knowing from experience what Lily looked like when she wasn't paying attention.

"Whaa...? Wha was... Shhhomewaah talkin' to me?" Lily didn't get up but adjusted herself in the lawn chair so she could look over at Narcissa.

Harry was fuckin' alarmed by that, but not surprisingly, also very aroused. What pissed him off was that he couldn't say anything to Narcissa to give her a hard time for courting danger, he couldn't even give her a look without potentially drawing Lily's suspicion. But then he realized Lily could only see Narcissa and him from their shoulders on up. So he reached down and pinched Narcissa on the thigh.

Narcissa said to Lily, "Yeah, I was just talking to my Sweetie here. We're discussing ways to improve the fuckin' quantity and quality of his daily stimulations."

Lily sat up and tried to focus. She didn't want to miss this important conversation.

Narcissa kept talking to Harry on this subject. But she spoke clinically and in a nearly emotionless tone even while her hands wanked him underwater with enthusiasm. She used generic words and phrases, discussing such things as the need for additional "tactile agitation" and "oral stimulation" but the obvious meaning was more blowjobs, handjobs, and the like. On top of that, her words were filled with double meanings and puns. For instance, with both hands pumping on his shaft, she talked about the need to "stroke his ego" so he could "stand tall and make a big fuckin' splash with the girls."

Harry imagined the eyes of Rose and Lily boring into the back of his head, but he had no way of knowing if they were looking or not. In any case, there was nothing he could do about it except stay as quiet and still as he could and act casual since he was in Narcissa's power.

As he reached climax, Narcissa continued to talk to him in a flat monotone: "So again we return to the question of assistance in achieving your stimulation targets. Would it be proper for others to assist you manually, or orally, or perhaps stimulation through the soft flesh of a woman's cleavage? And if so, who exactly would be willing to assist you in this manner? Do you think, perhaps, one woman is not enough? Would you prefer two tongues on your erection at once, or maybe even three?"

As she said this, her hands flew up and down his shaft as fast as she could move them through the resistance of the water.

Harry felt himself gearing up for another big fuckin' climax.

But all of the sudden, Narcissa pulled away. He didn't even have anyone to hug anymore. He watched, perplexed, as she started to get out of the pool.

Lily appeared to be rousing herself a bit more, though she was clearly drunk while Narcissa and Rose were merely tipsy. She pointed an accusing finger at Narcissa. "Whaa are you two guysh doin' o'er dere? Shumpting's fissshy." But Narcissa by this point was already climbing up out of the pool.

Lily saw Harry watching Narcissa climb out and pointed with alarm, "Look out, CChussszziiee! He can see your fuckin' pussy!"

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